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31 May 2016
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US$9m Available for 2016 AU Research Grants
The African Union Commission's Research Grants programme (AURG) is seeking proposals from eligible partnerships for research and innovation on sustainable agricultural intensification.

The call, which was launched on 18 May 2016, is financed through the AUC's Pan-African Programme, which is supported by the European Commission.

All you need to know about applying to AURG 2016

"The overall objectives of this call for proposals are to deploy science, technology and innovation in the agricultural sector as a tool for Africa's sustainable economic growth, wealth creation, and food and nutrition security, as well as political stability," the call document says. Specific research topics in which collaborative projects will be supported include:

+ ecological intensification processes;
+ research on animal and crop health, including fish; and,
+ research on appropriate use of soil, water, land and inputs management practices.

The deadline for applications is 17 August 2016 (17h00, GMT+3).

Unable to apply this year? Then do take note that a second call for proposals will be launched in 2017.+
Have Your Say: COHRED Research Fairness Initiative Global Consultation
The Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED) is soliciting a last round of feedback from interested parties on its Research Fairness Initiative (RFI).

"The RFI aims to create a reporting system that encourages governments, business, organisations and funders to share their efforts to develop fair partnerships by describing their policies and practices and, in the process, develop better guidelines and benchmarks that will increase global capacity to deal with the challenges of global health, equity and development," the Initiative's website says.

"The RFI is now in its ‘pre-final’ stage, needing one more round of comments, examples, ideas or suggestions for implementation before the first users can begin RFI Reporting."

Participate in RFI Global Consultation 3

The RFI in Context

+ Partnerships are essential to deliver research and innovation for global health and development. Sustainable Development Goal 17 emphasises that all the other Sustainable Development Goals rely on partnerships for their achievement.

+ Yet, there is no agreed framework, benchmark, or standard of best practice on which to model governmental, corporate, non-profit, or academic partnerships – particularly not considering ‘fairness’ of international research collaborations to partners in low- and middle-income countries.

+ While we prioritise partnerships between institutions and countries with greatly different economic means, we find that, in reality, the RFI can be applied in any setting where partnership is key to research and innovation!

+ The RFI builds on COHRED's work on fair research contracting.
*Text supplied by COHRED.

Save the Date

The COHRED Research Fairness Initiative Conference will take place in Brussels, Belgium, on 28 September 2016.

The event will explore how the RFI functions within health research and innovation partnerships in Africa and Europe specifically, by bringing together results from CAAST-Net Plus-supported RFI workshops in Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal. 

For more information contact Lauranne Botti (botti[at]] or visit
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