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As you may know, the Worldwide Intranet Challenge (WIC) is a global, on-going survey that enables organisations to benchmark their intranets at any time against other participating organisations.


More than 50,000 people from over 190 organisations from around the world have now completed the survey.


This makes it the largest study of intranet end user satisfaction in the world.


Many organisations that participate in the WIC are interested in improving their intranets, especially increasing adoption. As a result of this strong interest, I am pleased to announce the availability of the 15 Day Intranet Enhancement Program.


What is the 15 Day Intranet Enhancement Program?

The program consists of set of fixed activities and outputs that can be completed in 15 working days and will significantly increase the use and value of your existing intranet.


The program has been developed based on a deep analysis of WIC intranet end user feedback, interviews with more than 50 managers of successful intranets and reviews of hundreds of intranet screenshots from around the world.


The 15 days can be completed in a way that suits your requirements. For example, you may wish to complete the program in 15 consecutive working days or you may choose one day a week for 15 weeks, 5 days a month for 3 months or some other combination. It’s up to you.


What are the benefits

Completing this program will increase the value of your intranet by establishing a framework that will ensure employees:


The program will also:

Program outline

The program covers the following high level phases:

  • Baseline of your current intranet: How is it supporting your organisation’s KPIs? How satisfied are your intranet end users? What measures and reports are in place to determine the value of your intranet? How is your intranet being governed?

  • Set-up and prototype: Set up content types, create (or update) your intranet information architecture model, create templates for each content type, create a prototype

  • Intranet governance Review, clarify and enhance intranet related roles and responsibilities, set up regular intranet reporting (if not already in place)

  • Identify roles and tasks: Identify major organisational roles and related tasks

  • Develop content plan: Identify key content needed to support organisational roles and tasks identified in the previous step. Create a role-based timetable for developing content.

  • Provide training and support: Develop an initial and ongoing training plan. Train champions and authors in governance and content development activities.

  • Promotion and communication plan: Develop a plan to promote the intranet

Incentive payment


The most important outcome of this program is increased use of the intranet. To support this outcome, a significant part of the program fee structure consists of an agreed incentive component directly related to increased content contribution and page views.


This approach is unique to the Worldwide Intranet Challenge. It provides an incentive to strongly align the goals of program with the goals of your organisation. This means greater co-operation and a greater chance of intranet success.

Who is eligible to complete the program?

We want the 15 Day Intranet Enhancement Program to be successful. We have found there are certain preconditions that should exist within an organisation that will increase the chances of success. These include:

  • Commitment from senior management

  • The right roles and responsibilities in place

  • Technical resources willing and able to assist

  • An organisational culture that supports knowledge sharing and collaboration

  • Able to measure and report on intranet use and satisfaction

Next step?

If you would like to find out more about the 15 Day Intranet Enhancement Program, please contact me to organise a discovery session


During this session we will:

  • Discuss the status of your intranet and its future direction

  • Discuss the phases of the program in greater detail

  • Discuss the preconditions outlined in the previous section

  • View an example of what your intranet could look like after implementing the program

  • Discuss how the program could be implemented and how the incentive program works


After this initial discussion, if you feel the program is for you, I will submit a proposal containing a detailed schedule and pricing.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the program or would like to organise a discovery session.


Andrew Wright

Worldwide Intranet challenge

Melbourne, Australia

+61 (0) 414 641 101

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