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Bio-Link Online News October 2017

Welcome to the October 2017 edition of Bio-Link Community news! 

I usually look forward to fall and the start of the school year.  This year, with all the hurricanes, floods, and fires, the school year excitement has been replaced with concern for our friends and fellow Bio-Link members in California, Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico.  Thanks to all you who've checked in to the Bio-Link Facebook group to let us know you're okay.  

José Pérez-Jiménez from Universidad del Turabo shared a website where you can help:

You might find it interesting to know how much Puerto Rico contributes to the bio economy.  Roughly 10% of prescription drugs are manufactured in Puerto Rico, and 14 drugs are only made in Puerto Rico.  Last week, the FDA reported possible shortages of 40 drugs because of challenges getting companies back on-line after Hurricane Maria (Reuters Oct. 10, 2017).  Even at this point, only 13% of the electricity has been restored ( Companies manufacturing drugs in Puerto Rico include biotech and biopharmaceutical companies such as Amgen, AstraZeneca, GSK, Baxter, Eli Lilly, Bristol Meyers Squibb, Merck, Pfizer, and Syngenta.  Half of these companies have hired Bio-Link students.

Sandra Porter, PhD
Co-PI, Bio-Link
The science building at Universidad del Turabo, 2014.

CCTA Webinar on Career Exploration

In this age of emerging technologies, students, parents, and career-changers need good strategies when it comes to researching careers.  Career exploration is taking on an increasingly important role in community college programs.  The Centers Collaborative for Technical Assistance (CCTA) will host a webinar Thursday, October 19th at 3 pm EST on Career Exploration and provide examples of career exploration tools that are available to students, teachers, faculty members, counselors and others who are interested in assisting students make wise career choices.

Elaine Johnson, PI and Executive Director of Bio-Link, and Sandra Porter, President/Founder of Digital World Biology LLC, will present and Mike Lesiecki, Luka Partners LLC, will moderate. 
Register now!

Connecting Students to Careers

Employees with real world experience. That is what employers say they want. But how are you supposed to get that experience without having a job? That is quite a Catch-22. Jack O'Grady, a faculty member at Austin Community College, posted a timely and informative blog about a way out of this dilemma and hopefully into a rewarding career -- the Work-Based Learning Approach.

Read his blog post to see what employers want and what you can do about it!
The gene for the hemoglobin beta subunit in the NCBI sequence viewer.  The NCBI tools for viewing sequences and six frame translations are covered in the ACC bioinformatics instructor course. 

Bioinformatics for Instructors--sign up for email list

The Austin Community College Bioinformatics course for instructors is back!

This course is designed to show instructors how to teach an introductory course in Bioinformatics.  ACC's Bioinformatics class introduces students to using databases, working with molecular structures, analyzing DNA, RNA, and protein sequences, and identifying genetic variation.   

During the instructor course, we will discuss tools for communicating on-line - such as video chat software, software for making videos, image editing, and other tools, and how they're used in teaching bioinformatics on-line. Instructors will discuss examples of student work and will be expected to attend weekly video chats.

The course begins Jan 16th and ends mid-May.

Registration will begin soon. Sign up on the mailing list to learn more about this terrific opportunity.

New career:  Working in a Biorepository 

Have you ever considered working in a biorepository?  Biorepositories are companies or organizations that store biological samples.  One such company, Geneticist Inc., is a biobank of human tissues samples.  They recently wrote an article for describing examples of biorepository careers.  Geneticist Inc. stores samples from both normal and diseased tissue along with data, and distributes these samples to laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and other companies for research.

Read more in "What it's like to work at a biorepository."

Bio-Link Depot grand opening in Oakland! 

Bio-Link Depots are fantastic gathering places for teachers to meet, pick up equipment and supplies, and also donate their time and ideas.  

We are thrilled to announce two Depot events you won't want to miss!   On October 21st at 10AM there will be a Bio-Link Depot Annex Open House at Foothill College.  Space is limited at the Annex so get your ticket now. 

On November 18th at 10AM the new Oakland Bio-Link Depot will have its Grand Opening.  There will be a science supply give-away for educators as well as a ribbon cutting ceremony. Tickets are needed for this special event so register soon.
CCURI and AC2 Bio-Link will be hosting the Fall 2017 Colloquium on Undergraduate Research at Austin Community College, Nov. 30th-Dec. 1st.  Register now!  Registration closes Oct. 20th.

Solano College breaks ground for science

Solano College continues to add new opportunities  and resources for its students.  Groundbreaking began on a new 44,000sf science building at the Fairfield Campus.  With a budget of just over $37 million the completion date is November 2018.

Zombie Lab Safety 

Halloween is almost here so it's time to revisit one of our favorite videos from the North Carolina BioNetwork:   Zombie College:  The 5 Rules of Lab Safety 

You'll never forget the five rules of lab safety after seeing this video from Zombie College!

Upcoming Events 2017

October 19th CCTA Webinar on Career Exploration
October 23rd-25th ATE PI Conference
Washington, DC
November 9th-12th  NABT Conference
St. Louis, MO
November 16th  Albert Einstein Fellowship Deadline
November 21th  NIH Community College Day
Bethesda, MD
November 30th CCURI-AC2 Bio-Link Fall 2017 Colloquium
Austin TX
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