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Back to school!

Across the U.S., students are heading back to school.  The Bio-Link Community is a flurry of activity as well.  Our student bloggers have three new articles about their adventures.  I don't know if they've seen the Zombie dance party video about lab safety, but they're always having fun.  

We're working on plans for the upcoming year and thinking about better ways to help the community work together to share information and build on what we've learned.

If you missed getting a copy of the May 2013 issue of the Bio-Link Connections newsletter you can download it now from the Bio-Link web site.  There is a nice spotlight article on the phage sequencing program at Del Mar College and the workforce education programs at Cuyahoga and Lakeland Community Colleges in Ohio.  If you have any news articles (200-500 words) or photos you would like to contribute to the next issue, please send them to Lisa Huffman ( by Friday, September 20.

If you have any news you'd like to share with the rest of the on-line community, let us know!

Bio-Link September 2013

Smoothing the way with a Course in a Box

Some people think the life of a college instructor is laid back and restful.  But we know better.  How many of you have experienced this? 
Hi brand new instructor!  

We started this great new program that will really help our students.  

Oh yeah - and we're adding a new course.  

And - guess what!  

You'll be teaching it!  

You've even got a whole week to get ready!

It's okay.  Don't panic.  Your community is there to help.  Ken Kubo from the Bio-Link program at American River College has been there.  He tweets:

The Course in a Box program is designed to make it easier for instructors to deploy new courses at their institution. Hallie Golden writes:
There are altogether six courses accessible through the Course in a Box, each more advantageous then the last. Full of educational materials rife with real-life, workforce usability, they offer everything from detailed course syllabi to laboratory exercises to student outcomes. In other words, they are a veritable paradise for those wishing to develop any one of these courses.

Read more..
If you're a faculty member and you'd like to try out Course in a Box, you can sign up here!  Use your college email so we can verify your faculty position and we'll send you login information.

Bio-Link student bloggers - the fun never stops

Both Mandy Hunter and Jennifer Newsted have been busy with the new school year and have been blogging about their experiences.  

In their recent articles, Mandy tells us what it's like to work in an agricultural biotech company where she collects, packages, and measures the activity of semen from bulls.  She also tells us about the current happenings in her biotech program, reading "The Jungle" in her class on Quality Regulations and Standards.  Spoiler Alert - she does share something about the end of the story.

Jennifer is continuing on with her course work.  She's now blogging from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and writing about her new lab, the effects of chloroform. and the unique disposal devices for used pipette tips.

It's all fun, believe me.  

And, guess what!  If you're attending the ATE PI conference in October, you'll get a chance to meet Mandy Hunter and Jennifer Newsted in person.  You'll be able to get their tips on blogging and, maybe, just maybe, get their autographs.

Supporting Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Dr. Vivian Ngan-Winward, Director of the Biomanufacturing Program at Salt Lake Community College, will be leading a session at the ATE PI conference this fall, entitled  “How Do I Help My College Transform Its Infrastructure to Support Entrepreneurial Endeavors?”  

If you or your colleagues are (or have been) engaged in entrepreneurial activities, she would like to hear about your experiences and enlist your help in answering some survey questions.  The survey is here:   

If  you're attending the ATE PI conference, Vivian's talk will be Thursday, Oct. 24th at 4 pm.  Salt Community College is a leader in student-driven contract research and biomanufacturing.  This should be a great session.

Student   from Northern Essex Community College finds perfect fit in Laboratory Science

Madeline Patton, in ATE@20, has a new article featuring a student from the Bio-Link program at Northen Essex Community College.

Patton writes:  
The Laboratory Science Program at Northern Essex Community College was a long-awaited “perfect” fit for Lindsey Curole.

Curole always wanted to work in a laboratory. But when Hurricane Katrina destroyed her New Orleans apartment, it forced a several-year delay in her education plans as she relocated with relatives in different parts of the country and worked to get back on track financially. Six months after settling in Massachusetts with her boyfriend and getting a job as a hardware store cashier, Curole was able to enroll as an in-state student at Northern Essex Community College.

NIH Community College Day 2013 

The National Institutes of Health employs several students with biotech degrees from Bio-Link programs.  On the fifth annual community college day, the NIH is holding a free day-long program designed to provide community college students and faculty an opportunity to visit the NIH campus, and learn about careers and training opportunities in biomedical and health care fields.  The day will consist of careers panels on Clinical/Basic Research, Non-Research Careers, Allied Health Careers, Professional Health Careers, Careers in Biotechnology, Careers in Nursing, Careers in Behavioral Sciences and the Community College Summer Enrichment Program will be highlighted.  There will also be faculty break-out sessions and an opportunity to meet the panelists, NIH human resources representatives, and NIH Clinical Center administrators during the networking lunch event.

Register by October 10th.  

Community College Day will take place on Friday, October 25, 2013 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm at the Natcher Conference Center.  For registration and more information visit:

Even lab safety is fun when Zombies are involved!  

The Learning Network from North Carolina has produced two short Zombie videos on Lab Safety.  One is music video with a catchy tune, the other is a short story designed to help any student remember the five rule of lab safety.

My advice:  Before class, start the Zombie Music Video - that way students will be humming the catchy Lab Safety song all through class.

Show the Zombie College Five Rules of Lab Safety film while your gels run.

Every lab day needs to start with a dance party!



Full time Bioscience Instructor, Portland Community College, Portland, OR

Portland Community College in Portland, Oregon, has an opening for a full time Bioscience instructor at the Rock Creek Campus. The job starts January 2014.

Apply by September 21, 2013

Applicants should be able to perform and teach techniques in all or most of the following areas: cell culture, immunochemistry methods, recombinant DNA, protein purification, solution and media making, and bio-product life cycle.

See the Portland Community College job site for more details.


Upcoming Events

October 14-18 Genomic Approaches in Biosciences - Bluegrass Community and Technical College, Lexington, KY
ATE PI conference, Omni Shoreham Hotel, Washington DC
October 25th 5th Annual Community College Day at the NIH Natcher Conference Center. 

Visit: to register and find more information.

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