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Winter wonderland Newsletter

Welcome to your Winter Wonderland Tenants Newsletter. In this edition we discuss what it means to “Break a Fixed-Term Lease”, the Winter Sprinkler Ban, How to Prevent Mould in the wet season and Loose Cords – a safety hazard.


Breaking a fixed-term lease agreement can be costly and at times complicated. We understand that there are some situations where a break-lease arrangement is unavoidable, however the negative consequences of breaking your lease can be significant. In order to break a fixed-term lease, as a tenant you need written agreement from the owner, so the first step is to contact your Property Manager at dG.

If an agreement is not reached, you need to think carefully about proceeding with the termination as it can be very costly. At the very least you will be liable to pay rent and maintenance expenses on the property (if you are unable to maintain it yourself) along with any other reasonable costs incurred including advertising until the original tenancy period ends or an alternate tenant is found. With the current state of the rental market, vacancy rates are high. Before entering a tenancy you ought to intend to fufil the full tenancy as it may take weeks to find an alternate if you change your mind. The weekly rent can be reduced in order to match the current market, but only if the owner agrees. Even then, you will need to pay any shortfall until the end of the tenancy.  

It’s also important to note that fixed-term tenancies don’t automatically end when the period comes to an end. You will still need to provide (or receive) 30 days’ notice prior to the end date. Should you have any questions or would like further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact your Property Manager at dG.


As winter rains arrive, so does the Water Corporation’s sprinkler ban. The ban applies to both scheme and bore fed sprinklers between the 1st June and 31st August.

Using sprinklers during this time can attract a $100 fine. The easiest way to avoid a fine is to turn off reticulation systems at the control box. Utilizing the rain to keep gardens green and switching off reticulation can go a long way towards conserving water, but make sure you keep hand watering if the garden is looking dry.



Ever noticed one of those smudgy patches that slowly spread on a wall? Mould can look like a stain, discolouration or a fuzzy mark. Not only can it damage the surface it grows on, but it can also have harmful effects on your health. Mould can aggravate respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies.

Mould grows where there is moisture. The parts of the house prone to mould are spaces that get wet or have poor ventilation. Mould is common in unventilated spots such as cupboards and corners and areas affected by damp like windows, walls and ceilings. It can also be found in wet areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

Most of us reach for the bleach as a first response to try to get rid of mould in the bathroom. But bleach only takes the colour out of the mould; it is still there and will reappear later. The best solution is to brush off loose spores with a cloth (we recommend wearing a safety mask), then gently remove the mould using a microfiber cloth and a vinegar/water solution.
The easiest way to avoid mould altogether is ventilation. In winter, mold growth is encouraged by; drying wet clothes inside, using heaters in enclosed spaces and steam from bathrooms or cooking. Cracking a window and opening doors (especially if the house has been closed up all day and the heater is on at night) allows a flow of dry air. Get in first and make sure those smudgy patches don't get a chance to grow. 


In Australia, a number of children have died as a result of becoming tangled in loose cords hanging from curtains and blinds. This can occur when children are:
  • Sleeping in a cot or bed near hanging cords
  • Playing around windows or doors
  • Standing on objects or furniture to look out a window
Cords or chains from window coverings that hang lower than 1.6 metres from the ground must be secured in accordance with product safety laws. These cards can pose a significant strangulation risk. If your property needs a cleat to secure loose cords, please contact our office and we will be happy to have one installed. By being mindful of this issue, you can guard the safety of your children and children visiting your property.


It is with much excitement that we wish Emma Boyd, our exceptional Operations Manager all the best as she welcomes her first baby within the next month. Emma will be returning to dG in due course and we look forward to welcoming her back.

On another positive note, we also wish our fantastic Property Manager Ana Obradovic all the best as she too heads off on maternity leave. Ana will be welcoming her 3rd baby boy into the world in the coming weeks. Alicia Sorrell who has joined dG has completed a thorough hand over to ensure the portfolio is well cared for. As an experienced Property Manager, Alicia brings with her a wealth of experience and a dynamic personality that you will no doubt see the benefits of.

Should you have any questions about the changes within the dG Property Investment Team or would like further information on the above mentioned topics, please do not hesitate to contact your Property Manager.

Alicia Sorrell, Property Manager
P: 9336 1166
M: 0488 058 891

Sami Moore, Property Manager
P: 9336 1166
M: 0430 970 409

Donna Dixon, Property Manager
P: 9336 1166
M: 0447 994 909

Niamh Clarke, Property Manager
P: 9336 1166
M: 0447 719 960
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