When was the last time you saw yourself naked? I'm not talking about the glance you catch when you hopped out of the shower - I mean when was the last time you took a long, loving look at yourself in the mirror without picking yourself apart?

"Girl, mind your business!"

I can hear you saying it now, and I get it, I'm being nosy. But let's be honest, it's been a minute since you spoke some sweet nothings to yourself, hasn't it? And you might be wondering what in the world that has to do with this photographer's email you subscribed to, so I'll tell you:

So often I meet women and their hesitation with doing a boudoir shoot - or any kind of photoshoot honestly - is their own body. And I get it! I had a baby last year and my body felt unrecognizable for a good, long time. I felt more like a milk bag than the sexy, statuesque woman that made that baby to begin with! That said, I'm on this journey of self-acceptance with you, babe. But I realized something: there is no amount of me hyping you up and telling you how delicious you look that will change how YOU feel about yourself. It's a temporary boost, but that change starts with you deciding that your body is not a mistake to be smudged out or hidden.

That said, let's become accountability partners on this journey of self-acceptance. I'll start with this: I dare you to spend ONE WHOLE MINUTE in the mirror naming the parts of you that are beautiful, inside and out. ZERO negative comments allowed! When you've done that, jump back into this lil email and look at some beautiful women walking unashamedly in their uncinched, shapewear be damned bodies. Let them inspire you to be celebratory in your skin today!

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