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The CO2 Systems Specialists

🇯🇵 Kumanomi 🇯🇵 

Kumanomi, who lives in the Fukui prefecture of Japan has spent many years teaching children how to love the earth until recently when he retired. He now spends most of his time climbing, camping and aquascaping. His love lies with the traditional nature style and he demonstrates this very well in all his aquariums. Using little high tech equipment, Kumanomi has been creating the perfect fusion of nature and art. The importance of teaching children how to look after the earth has overflowed into his love for aquascaping and he often educates children on aquascaping too. We are very proud to be able to support Kumanomi with his efforts in teaching the next generation and would like you all to support him too. You can find all his work on Instagram.

Welcome to the team!

Marsilea hirsuta

Difficulty: Moderate care is required with this plant. Specific requirements and needed when a carpet effect is desired.

Tank Position: Works best placed in the foreground of an aquarium. weaving between rocks to create a dark green carpet.

Lighting: To create tall plants use low lighting. To create a thick dark green carpet plant, use moderate to high lights.

Temperature: A temperature range of 20-28℃ is best. 

CO2 Requirements: Medium CO2 injection is needed for healthy growth and thick dark leaves.

Feeding: Nutrient rich substrate and a liquid fertiliser is advisable.

Note: With plenty of light this plant should remain compact. the leaves are shaped similar to that of the four leaf clover.

We are feeling the love right now

The CO2 is not exclusive to the freshwater aquariums

Many Saltwater aquarists also utilise our CO2 systems to effectively run their calcium reactors. 

Calcium reactors work by injecting high pressured CO2 into a chamber in order to lower the ph levels and also dissolve old coral skeletons. The liquid which is called effluent then gets fed back into the reef aquarium essentially dosing a balanced solution of calcium and alkalinity back into the aquarium.

Take a look at this reef aquarium belonging to one of our saltwater aquarium customers Michael from the USA.

Have you signed up yet?

We have been working on our plans to launch our very own aquascaping community and we are almost ready to launch our new website so we decided to share some more information to let you all know why we are so excited.

The new CO2 Artists community will offer members a place to connect with many other like minded aquascapers. Its a place to show past and present projects, share advice and ideas with aquascapers from across the world. We want our CO2 Artists community to feel special which is why we have included features such as a gallery of different styled aquascaspes, shop directory and even an events calendar so members can find and attend local workshops to further improve their skills.

Our members will have several benefits including special discounts, early access to our new products and much more. 

Why not visit our social media pages and check out some of the existing co2 artist galleries already being shared. 

We are currently looking for beta testers so if you have not already registered to become a beta tester, you can do so by clicking on the learn more button at the top of the co2 artist facebook page.
CO2 Artists
CO2 Artists

See you next week...

That's all from the team at CO2Art this week aquascaping friends. Thanks again for taking the time to catch up with us.

Until next week, keep those arms wet!

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