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🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇷🇴Rodo Rodoselada🇷🇴🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

It was Bucharest, Romania where our newest CO2 Artist first fell in love with aquariums. From a very young age, last weeks new aquascaper Rodo Rodoselada along with several of his friends all enjoyed keeping guppies. Information was hard to come by back then and everything they learned came from experience. Over the years Rodo eventually discovered aquatic plants and specifically the Dutch style aquariums.

Rodo, now living in the UK, has been aquascaping for 15 years and really has come a long way. With his preference now leaning towards the nature aquarium. He currently maintains 12 aquascapes plus a paludarium.

Aquascaping has become his life and he cannot imagine his life without planted tanks. With a passion so strong for aquascaping we feel honoured to share this with Rodo and look forward to supporting him.

Welcome to the team!
Rodoselada Wabi Scape

Ccryptocoryne Parva

Difficulty: Unlike most Cryptocoryn the 'parva' does require a moderate level of care. An extremely slow growing plant that requires very specific positioning, light and co2 if success is going to be met. 

Tank Position: Due to the high levels of light required, the best position for this plant is high on a balcony or raised area of hardscape. This will give the plant a clear space to gain maximum light. Never place underneath wood or a taller plant as this will block the light.

Lighting: High levels of light must be provided to ensure growth. 

Temperature: A temperature range of 23-28℃ is best. 

CO2 Requirements: CO2 is essential with this plant. Due to its incredibly slow rate of growth, CO2 will ensure your plant is working as hard as it can to make the most out of your light and fertilisers. 

Feeding: A good quality liquid fertiliser and nutrient rich substrate is essential. 

Note: One of the smallest Cryptocoryne plants available so positioning the plant and providing the correct care is a must. Get it right and you will end up with a lovely carpet.

Get to know the aquascaper behind the scape

We have decided its time for us all to get to know more about our wonderful team of CO2 Artists. Over the past few months, we have been introducing talented aquascapers so to share a little more about these artists.

Each week our blog, which is available to read on our website, will be publishing a short interview with one of our CO2 Artists

Read now

Our regulators are built to last

Our regulators are heavy-duty regulators built to last years with our Pro-Elite regulator coming with a 10-year warranty.

Every regulator is assembled manually with power tools, then rigorously tested. This process included an element of manual attaching and detaching our regulators from the testing machines. While our technical team are skilled engineers and take great care during this process, slight signs of the testing process may be visible. This does not affect product functionality.

Our goal is to provide you with a heavy-duty, high-quality product that will last a long time. To ensure all our regulator are up to the job, each and every kit is tested accordingly. Once we are happy, our regulators and ready to be used at home, our professional warehouse staff pack everything up and ship them out to our customers across the world.

Have you signed up yet?

We have been working on our plans to launch our very own aquascaping community and we are almost ready to launch our new website so we decided to share some more information to let you all know why we are so excited.

The new CO2 Artists community will offer members a place to connect with many other like minded aquascapers. Its a place to show past and present projects, share advice and ideas with aquascapers from across the world. We want our CO2 Artists community to feel special which is why we have included features such as a gallery of different styled aquascaspes, shop directory and even an events calendar so members can find and attend local workshops to further improve their skills.

Our members will have several benefits including special discounts, early access to our new products and much more. 

Why not visit our social media pages and check out some of the existing co2 artist galleries already being shared. 

We are currently looking for beta testers so if you have not already registered to become a beta tester, you can do so by clicking on the learn more button at the top of the co2 artist facebook page.
CO2 Artists
CO2 Artists

See you next week...

That's all from the team at CO2Art this week aquascaping friends. Thanks again for taking the time to catch up with us.

Until next week, keep those arms wet!

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