• Incredible Showing at Board Meeting

  • Dr. Bub Supports Parent Choice

  • Comments Reset — Resend to Dr. Bub for Choice

Incredible Showing at Board Meeting

For those who couldn’t make it, the Tuesday Board Meeting attendance was astonishing. We counted 200 in the room with dozens more who simply couldn’t get in. I was hoping we could break 50 — but wow, did you come through.

I suspect we’ll need you again in two weeks, so mark your calendars for Tuesday August 24, but for now simply accept my deepest appreciation for an overwhelming show of support.

Dr. Bub Supports Parent Choice

And this showing mattered, as Dr. Bub articulated his support for Parent Choice. Here’s the important part:

“This is where it gets to my heart… We’re asking for parent choice. We’re giving parent choice. If a parent chooses that, let’s allow them to have that choice too. Everybody needs to have their choice. And if we give everybody that choice, we will get through this together.”

— Superintendent Bub, August 10th Board Meeting

After a year of mandates, lockdowns, and broken promises, this was incredibly refreshing from our new Superintendent. Finally, someone who supports Parent Choice! Thank you Dr. Bub!

Comments Reset — Thank Dr. Bub for Choice

Speaking of thanking Dr. Bub, I’ve reset the comments so that you can do just that! So log back into the website, and write another message thanking Dr. Bub for his commitment to Parent Choice. Tell him what you’re choosing for your kids! And most important, say you’ll never let him down despite all the pressure that’s going to be put on him.

Thank Dr. Bub for Supporting Parent Choice

Again, kudos for such a great turnout. Way to step up. I’m floored by the support. Thanks again.

Best, Dave

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