Read the EHF Newsletter - December 2014 Issue
EHF Newsletter - December 2014

A note from the EHF President 
Dr Dimos Mitsikostas

First, I would like to welcome all people interested in headache disorders. We, as EHF representatives, seek to improve life quality of headache sufferers within Europe and neighboring nations. Undoubtedly, a lot has been done to fulfill this scope but more actions are still necessary.

One of the major challenges remains the merging of efforts from all possible resources in the field of neurology and pain by building a scientific and social network that improves our scope. Other key issues I look forward to improve, together with my colleagues, are to establish and expand the e-Headache School, to enlarge the Master Program in almost all European countries under the specific EU guidelines and to launch an official Headache Domain under Neurology.

Our senior scientific activity remains EHMTIC, the biannual congress co-organized with The Migraine Trust. Besides this, I intend to initiate additional, steady, biannual autumn meetings to bridge the 2-year gap, addressing specific topics in close collaboration with other headache-related European Scientific Societies. These meetings will focus on the recent developments in headache management. Experts in the field of pain, surgery, psychiatry, radiology and physics will contribute to advance our knowledge and daily practice.

Research in the field of headache has faced a drop lately. We will claim the stake that belongs to headache, therefore we will not only spread the current knowledge, but will also improve it. Researchers are welcome to get EHF endorsement in their applications. Much has been said about migraine and cluster headache. Continuous work on these matters are required to increase understanding of implications on life. I am committed to introduce a European campaign aim to make Europeans comprehend the burden of cluster headache.

Together with pain experts and social support from patients’ societies we will create a strategy to approach and help decision makers in Europe understand what cluster headache is and what effects it has to people’s lives. The EHF Executive Board and I will do its best to achieve these ambitions as mentioned in the Annual General Meeting at the 4th EHMTIC. 

Dimos D. Mitsikostas, MD, PhD
EHF President

Welcome to the new EHF Council 2014 - 2016

During the Annual General Meeting at EHMTIC 2014 in Copenhagen, the electons of the new EHF Council took place. 

We would like to introduce to you the new EHF Council 2014 - 2016.

EHF President – Dimos Mitsikostas (Greece)
1st Vice President – Paolo Martelletti (Italy)
2nd Vice President – Zaza Katsarava (Germany)
General Secretary - Christian Lampl (Austria)
Treasurer – Vera Osipova (Russia)
Past President – Rigmor Jensen (Denmark)
Members at Large:
Aksel Siva (Turkey), Koen Paemeleire (Belgium), Lars Edvinsson (Sweden), David Dolezil (Czech Republic)
Observers: Peter Goadsby (UK), Audrey Craven (Ireland).

Annual General Meeting Minutes (EHMTIC 2014)

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting which took place on the 20th September during the EHMTIC in Copenhagen can be found here.
EHF Headache Schools - Recent and Upcoming

The European Headache Federation “Headache School” for neurologists and general practitioners in Tbilisi, Republic in Georgia, June, 6-7, 2014

10 years after the first headache school in 2004, when EHF started their activities in the Republic of Georgia, the EHF again came back to Tbilisi to spread the experience and knowledge about headache to the regions of the country, as well as to present the results of their work since 2004. Lots of positive and remarkable improvements are to be mentioned since then: a) Epidemiological studies including willingness to pay for a headache service in different regions in Georgia has been published; b) 2 years after the first headache school in Georgia 2 headache clinics were established with the support from Lifting the Burden (LTB), meanwhile there are 5 headache clinics, mainly in the capital Tbilisi; c) pharmaceutical companies, such as Actavis and 1A Pharma were convinced to introduce sumatriptan to the Georgian market for 1 Euro per tablet. The establishment of these headache clinics and affordable sumatriptan as well as main preventative medications basically changed the landscape in the country.

Excellent speakers from 8 different countries from Europe (among 2 Georgian neurologists are working in Europe) covered different aspects of pathophysiology, treatment, headache care and epidemiology. The conference was well attended by 80 participants from all regions of the Georgia and the evaluation feedback was very positive. The Georgian Headache Society recruited about 20 new members during the congress. 
Please note that other speakers are Georgian neurologists, the majority of whom were trained in Essen during the last 10 years and who went back to work in the headache clinics in the Country. This fact is perhaps the most important success of our work.

Next steps that are planned from the Georgean Headache Society:
The regional conference in the City of Kutaisi in Western Georgia in October 2014
The regional conference in the city of Batumi at the Black Sea coast in Fall 2015

The EHF would like to thank the Georgian Headache Society for their warm hospitality and friendship and wishes a fruitful future, for a better care of their patients.

Professor Christian Lampl, MD
EHF General Secretary

Turkish Winter Headache School to take place on the 20th February 2015

The Headache Winter School is a 3 days educational activity organized by the Turkish Neurological Society Headache Chapter & Headache and Pain Studies Society (actually both are same – their boards and members are the same) since 2003. It is done on yearly basis, in general in the last week of February. The targeted participants are practicing neurologists, neurology residents, primary care physicians and physicians from different specialties with interest in headache. The number of participants vary between 150 – 200. The first two days primary headaches are covered and on the final day secondary headaches are discussed. Besides, there are e-posters submitted and selected ones are discussed on two sessions the first evening/after dinner and the second night there is the “Headache Therapy Night”, in which the most senior headache experts discuss cases presented by junior headache experts. The program also includes practice-oriented workshops on Nerve Blocks and other Interventional Treatments and Botulinum toxin Treatment in Headache.

The programme of the headache school can be viewed here. 

Professor Aksel Siva
EHF Council Member

Upcoming Events

Dear members, please see below a number of upcoming events you might want to visit:

14-15 May 2015, Valencia, Spain-17th Congress of the international Headache society 

20-23 June 2015, Berlin, Germany-1st Congress of the European Academy of Neurology

15-18 September 2016, Glasgow, UK-5th European Headache and Migraine Trust Congress


European Headache Federation

Council 2014-2016:
Dimos Mitsikostas (Greece) - President
Paolo Martelletti (Italy) - 1st Vice President

Zaza Katsarava (Germany) - 2nd Vice President
Christian Lampl (Austria) - Secretary
Vera Osipova (Russia) - Treasurer
Rigmor Jensen (Denmark) - Past President
Lars Edvinsson (Sweden) - Member at large
Koen Paemeleire (Belgium) - Member at large
Aksel Siva (Turkey) - Member at large

David Dolezil (Czech Republic) - Member at large

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