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Daily Digest - Monday, 12 December 2016

Can China’s Smoking Ban Stick?

In announcing its plans to roll out a public smoking ban across the country by the end of this year, China’s National Health and Family Planning Commission is taking on a Herculean task. Considering that China has one of the world’s most deeply ingrained and stubborn smoking cultures, getting 1.3 billion people to quit lighting up in public is going to take massive social and economic changes. [...]


"Ditch or switch" this Christmas to save money and improve health

People who smoke in the North East are being encouraged to ditch tobacco or at least make the switch to an e-cigarette in the run up to Christmas to save money and improve health. Fresh is encouraging people to make 2017 the year they go smoke-free and for smokers not quite ready to take the leap, to try switching to an e-cig instead of smoking during the Christmas party season.


Are E-Cigs the Market Solution that Can Save a Billion Lives?

Biebert sat down with Reason TV's Zach Weissmueller to discuss the film and the state of the vaping industry in the wake of new Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines [...]


US Surgeon General declares e-cigarettes are a public health concern. [...]

The report is filled with claims about harm, while there are no real facts about any harm caused by e-cigarettes to anyone (user or bystander). The statements about harmful and potentially harmful compounds are nothing more than emotional statements with no real content in terms of realistic risk. In all the statements related to e-cigarettes and harm, you can easily substitute the term “e-cigarette” [...]


Ministry writes to States on total compliance of gutkha ban

The Central Health Ministry has written to all State governments asking them to get the necessary orders passed in compliance with the Supreme Court order and ensure that there is total adherence of the ban imposed on manufacturing and sale of gutkha and pan masala. The ban order clearly states that manufacture, storage, distribution or sale of gutkha and pan masala [...]


Are e-cigarettes more dangerous than previously thought?

Surgeon General Report: E-cigarettes are a "major public health concern".


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