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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Thu, 7 May 2015

Global Forum on Nicotine conference update: 

GFN2015 - 5-6 June in Warsaw: The only international event where consumers, scientists and researchers, regulators, parliamentarians, policy analysts and manufacturers can get together to discuss the future of tobacco harm reduction. Register now!

It is very important for readers and the public to understand that this is hysterical propaganda that is completely unsupported by any actual scientific evidence. The e-cigarette opponents are just basically making this stuff up, and they are distorting the science in the process. First, it is true that in animal studies, nicotine administration can cause impaired brain development. [...]


The UK's first bespoke vaping bar, serving nothing except e-liquids and electronic cigarette kits, is now attracting queues around the block in London's West End. Customers can choose from 50 different concoctions, using up to three different flavours to make their own bespoke e-liquid, and deciding on variables such as nicotine content.


Imperial Tobacco Group is taking a different path to its rivals as the industry searches for the most promising technology for e-cigarettes and other "vaping" products that could eventually outsell cigarettes. "It's not something we're interested in," Matthew Phillips, Imperial's corporate affairs director, told reporters on Wednesday, drawing a line between his company and larger rivals


WORKERS who duck out of the office for quick puffs of nicotine throughout the day end up working four hours less a week than their non-smoking colleagues. There are about 8300 smokers in Gympie, University of Adelaide figures show, and a study says an average smoker spends 45 minutes away from their work every day on smoking breaks.


In Ontario, it is currently against the law to smoke cigarettes on a sports field, on or near children’s playgrounds, on a restaurant or bar patio [...] The bill, which has already passed its second reading, would ban all forms of flavoured tobacco products — which includes menthol cigarettes — as well as outlaw sales of electronic cigarettes to Ontarians younger than 19-years-old.


The popularity of electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes, will be targeted by the South Australian Government as it establishes whether legislative and regulatory controls should be applied. Health Minister Jack Snelling said the battery powered devices, which can resemble cigarettes and allow users to draw a nicotine vapour into their lungs rather than smoke, have so far escaped regulatory controls.


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