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Daily Digest - Monday, 31 October 2016

Smokers Keen to Break the Habit Get No Help From the WHO

The World Health Organization estimates that smoking kills nearly six million people a year world-wide, and the death toll has continued to rise since it set up the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2005. So it’s dismaying that the WHO continues to advocate that vaping products, a technology that could potentially save millions of lives, be regulated as medical products, or even banned.


Documentary "A Billion Lives" Targets FDA Regulations on Vaping

Is the government wrong to regulate electronic cigarettes? That's one of the ideas presented in the documentary film "A Billion Lives," which puts forth the idea that vaping and e-cigarettes would help smokers quit, and it's a mistake to limit access to those products. Aaron Biebert [...] says he titled the documentary from a World Health Organization projection that a billion people will die from smoking-related causes.


CDC: Majority of e-cigarette users also smoke cigarettes

A majority of adults who use electronic cigarettes also smoke traditional cigarettes, according to a federal survey released Thursday. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention found that 58.8 percent of adult e-cigarette users in 2015 were also current cigarette smokers and another 29.8 percent were former cigarette smokers.


Tobacco law loophole under review

The Excise Department may ask the government to allow the legal import of electronic cigarettes and baraku, which would be taxed like cigarettes, says director-general Somchai Poolsavasdi. He said the department has noticed a loophole in the current tobacco law, which does not define these products as new types of tobacco-related goods intended to replace conventional cigarettes.


FDA tobacco director ignores 2.5 million ‘anecdotal reports’ about e-cigarettes

Mr. Zeller clearly implied that there was no population-level evidence that smokers had quit with e-cigarettes. He said the FDA is: …absolutely aware of the anecdotal reports about individuals using e-cigarettes to help them quit, but we can’t make population-level policy on the basis of anecdotal reports … FDA is required to use a population health standard.


Is marijuana a gateway drug? [...]

Is marijuana actually the “gateway” to harder drug use that some say it is? It’s a prospect that opponents of Question 4, which would legalize marijuana in Massachusetts, worry about, especially in the midst of a deepening national opioid and heroin abuse crisis. But proponents of Question 4 in Nov. 8’s election say those concerns are overblown.


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