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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Monday, 1 February 2016


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E-cigarettes to be banned in some North Wales pubs and bars

USING e-cigarettes will be banned in some pubs and bars under new rules being drawn up by the Welsh government. S0-called vaping will only be allowed in places that serve drink but do not serve food as well. Their use will also be restricted in schools, colleges, universities, train stations and on public transport, amongst other places.


Second-hand smoke can increase weight, [...]

A recent US study has found that children exposed to second-hand smoke are more likely to show increased levels of body fat, and decreased levels of cognitive ability. As previous studies in this area which have relied solely on parents' reports on their child's exposure to smoke have often produced inconclusive findings, the team of researchers [...] wanted to research further, [...]


Films portraying smoking should get adult rating, says WHO

Films showing smoking should be given an adult rating to protect children from exposure to the “last frontier” in tobacco promotion, the World Health Organisation has said. [...] WHO said that as countries crack down on tobacco advertising and sponsorship, cigarette companies are turning to the film industry to recruit the next generation of smokers.


Calgary officials see little fire after banning e-cigarettes [...]

There’s still some lingering smoke, but no fire after Calgary council outlawed e-cigarettes in public places. Seven months after council banned the practice, with the exception of vape shops, a city review has found the new bylaw is working. At the end of June, council passed one of the most stringent e-cigarette bylaws in Canada, prohibiting the electronic devices [...]


Venues that allow smoking more polluted than outdoors

Smokers beware. Fresh data from cities with high levels of air pollution indicate that air quality inside venues where people smoke is worse than outdoors. Author Dr. Angela Jackson-Morris, [...] said: “We often hear about how bad outdoor air quality is in the cities we studied, but there is little attention paid to how pollutant levels are frequently even worse indoors when smoking takes place.”


How safe are e-cigarettes?

With an increasing number of experts saying that non-burning alternatives to cigarettes can help public health, GCC governments need to set clear standards for e-cigarettes and help avoid misleading claims about their reduced risk reduction potentials, experts have said. Currently, there is a ban on the sale and use of e-cigarettes in countries like the UAE. [...]


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