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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Mon, 21 September 2015

Vaping poison put children at risk

ECIGARETTES have caused 241 poisoning alerts after people accidentally gave themselves potentially huge overdoses of pure nicotine, an NHS report has warned. A quarter of the victims were children under five who played with the refill capsules. Others were adults who mistook the nicotine capsules for eyedrop containers [...]


Taking Recent Lessons of Tobacco Research to Heart

It’s been a decade since the last review in JACC of tobacco-related research – and that was before e-cigarettes.


Vaping business group welcomes new rules

New rules for e-cigarette advertising have been welcomed by Vape Business Ireland, a newly formed business alliance committed to an open debate about vaping products in Ireland. [...] Vape Business Ireland found that the code struck the right balance between protecting minors while ensuring adults had access to information about vaping products.


Teens are now using e-cigs for liquid marijuana

Researchers at Yale University says 27 percent of high schoolers polled admitted to doing it [...]


Tobacco Industry Uses Advertising to Target Youth with e-Cigarettes

[...] for the first time in decades, advertisements portraying the recreational use of tobacco products are reappearing in popular media. Advertisements present e-cigarettes and vaporizers as safer alternatives to conventional cigarettes. Tobacco control advocates fear this type of exposure will unravel decades of progress in America by renormalizing smoking.


Regulating E-Cigarettes

Smoking bans in public restaurants and bars have been in place for years, so how do we go about regulating the use of e-cigarettes?


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