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Daily Digest - Friday, 8 April 2015


Most popular in the news last week:

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  2. Smoke without fire: Japan becomes test ground for real tobacco e-cigarette - read more
  3. California Governor Urged To Veto Slew Of Anti-E-Cigarette Bills - read more

Teen vapers have easy time buying supplies online

Even though it’s illegal for teens to buy cigarettes in the U.S., nothing stops online stores from selling nicotine-infused liquids for kids to use with electronic cigarettes. When researchers tested a random selection of 120 popular e-cigarette websites, only four virtual stores prevented the sale of e-liquids to minors, the study found.


Vaping's Dirty Little Secret

A stained concrete floor is littered with cardboard boxes, large plastic jugs half filled with liquid flavorings, and milk crates full of empty containers. [...] Last fall, images of these scenes surfaced online, depicting the manufacturing facilities of Dr. Crimmy’s, a fast-growing e-liquid company [...] the incident was illustrative of a pervasive problem in vaping.


Linnea Laestadius: #Vapelife: Making Sense of E-cigarettes on Instagram

Linnea Laestadius, [...] discussed her recent research on how e-cigarette use is documented and promoted on social media.


Electronic vaporizers and weight loss promises

Electronic vaporizers and e-cigarettes have become popular [...] In addition, there are reports that show people are using them to lose weight. Researchers have previously confirmed that nicotine can act like an appetite suppressant and is frequently used by some people to control their weight. However, the use of these products raises important questions about health and long-term effects.


The Solution to the Smoking and Breastfeeding Controversy

Smoking is bad, smoking is dangerous, and the American Council on Science and Health has been in a war on smoking for 38 years, so it’s good we have done our job so well that young people are outraged. Yet we have also been on a mission to separate health threats from health scares, so a Yahoo article citing breastfeeding expert Dr. Ruth Lawrence, while provocative and therefore valuable [...]


RSPH e cigarette film

This video looks at types of smoking cessations, and hears from previous smokers who have benefited from e-cigarettes


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