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Daily Digest - Thursday, 7 April 2015

Evidence, Policy, and E-Cigarettes [...]

Tobacco-control advocates have been embroiled in a multiyear controversy over whether electronic cigarettes threaten the goal of further reducing tobacco smoking or offer the possibility of minimizing harm for people who cannot or will not quit smoking conventional cigarettes. England and the United States have now staked out very different positions.


The war on nicotine: Why we shouldn’t be so quick to ban vaping

David Sweanor, [...] thinks that policies on vaping need to be based on a solid understanding of science and a recognition of individual rights. [...] he explains why policies should be seen in a broader public health context of innovative alternative nicotine delivery systems playing a key role in ending the immense devastation of combustible cigarettes.


New York banning smokeless tobacco at ballparks, other venues

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is knocking smokeless tobacco products out of the park, giving both fans and players less to chew on. [...] The measure, which will extend a prohibition on smoking to include the use of all tobacco products, was signed into law by de Blasio on Wednesday. The New York Yankees welcomed the move.


Smokeless cigarettes risk undoing push to give up

Tobacco companies risk undermining the move towards vaping by pushing “smokeless cigarettes” as a safe alternative, experts warn. Companies including Philip Morris are preparing a global drive to sell cigarette-like products that they claim are 90 per cent less harmful because the tobacco in them is heated, not burnt.


Hookah smokers: even light use causes lung abnormalities

There is a common misconception that smoking tobacco from a hookah or waterpipe is somehow less harmful than cigarette smoking. Recent studies have proven hookah smoking carries many of the same health risks, and now, a new study provides evidence of lung function abnormalities among light-use hookah or waterpipe smokers.


Reynolds continues to ride sharp uptick in Newport sales

Reynolds American Inc. continued to outperform its chief rivals since its acquisition of top-selling menthol brand Newport, according to Nielsen data as of March 26. Bonnie Herzog, an analyst with Wells Fargo Securities, said Wednesday that Reynolds overall had a 3.7 percent increase in traditional cigarette sales, as compared with 1.7 percent for the industry.


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