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Daily Digest - Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Electronic cigarettes and smoking cessation in England

Electronic cigarettes, now used by over two million UK smokers, are possibly the most disruptive new technology in the nicotine market since the cigarette. Although still controversial, there is a growing consensus among UK health organisations that e-cigarettes, by enabling smokers to consume nicotine without the lethal cocktail of toxins in tobacco smoke, [...]


Why can't scientists agree on e-cigarettes?

Earlier this year, Michael Gove claimed Britain’s had enough of experts. Now I don’t agree with Gove on much, but when it comes to e-cigarettes, he may have a point. We’re bombarded with stories about these products, but most just add to the confusion, with perceptions of vaping risks rising year on year. Just recently the Sun informed us that experts are saying “e-cigs are just as bad for your heart as smoking fags”, [...]


What Altria Group Inc. Just Told Investors About Its Future

One of the reasons why Altria is such a popular stock is that it has always worked hard to share its success with its stakeholders. Even as cigarette smoking has become less popular over the decades, Altria has built up its Marlboro brand into a world-renowned icon of American culture, and the result has been a devoted customer base that has been willing to stick with the brand.


Newport’s ‘Pleasure Lounge’ Aims to Ignite Cigarettes Sales

Workers for Newport, the nation’s No. 2 cigarette brand, spent the summer handing out coupons for cigarettes at a price of $1-a-pack. That is five cents a smoke. Usually they cost about seven times that much. The vouchers—distributed at concerts, bars and convenience stores—have been part of an aggressive push by Newport-owner Reynolds American Inc., to target young adult smokers and boost Newport sales.



Nicotine needs you just like you need it. That sweet release of dopamine only happens if you really believe in it. A new study in Frontiers in Psychiatry found that only smokers who thought that their cigarettes contained nicotine got the satisfaction of smoking. Anyone who was told they weren’t getting nicotine — even if it was a normal cigarette — was left unsatisfied.


80% of Malaysians say health improved after switching to vape: Study

A large majority of Malaysians have reported health improvements since switching from smoking to vaping. In a statement today, regional consumer advocacy group revealed that the survey found 82.6% of those who have switched from smoking to using e-cigarettes reported improvements in their general health.


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