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Daily Digest -  Friday, 16 December 2016

Up in smoke: Metro chats with Imperial Tobacco director

Alberta has some of the highest smoking rates in Canada and has been working to limit those numbers in recent years. Eric Gagnon, director of corporate and regulatory affairs at Imperial Tobacco, discussed falling sales, Alberta’s menthol ban and the rise of vaping. [...] “It’s a very traditional market. We’ve seen obviously menthol disappear. It’s a declining industry. [...]


How Republicans Can Rescue E-Cigs from the FDA

The incoming administration's anti-regulatory stance has vaping advocates feeling bullish about the dawning Trump years. When these so-called "deeming regulations" became final in August after a years-long rulemaking process, it seemed the whole of the independent vaping industry might be doomed to bankruptcy. Complying with FDA's premarket review could cost a manufacturer upwards of a million dollars.


FDA Makes Statements on Synthetic Nicotine

Next Generation Labs, the makers of proprietary TFN Nicotine – a non-tobacco derived synthetic nicotine liquid and crystals – has noted statements made to the court by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the Nicopure vs. FDA lawsuit that confirms products not made or derived from tobacco are not regulated tobacco products under the recent Deeming Rule.


FDA Cracks Down on Flavored Cigarettes Sold as Cigars

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning four tobacco makers to stop selling flavored cigarettes that the agency says are misleadingly labeled as cigars or “little cigars.” The FDA has asked the companies to respond to the warning letters within 15 days of receiving them. If they don’t correct the violations to the satisfaction of the FDA, they could face further action, [...]


D.C. District Court Should Issue an Immediate Injunction Against Enforcement of FDA Deeming Regulations

Regardless of how anti-tobacco groups feel about the use of e-cigarettes for harm reduction in tobacco control, all should agree that sensible regulations would not block critical safety improvements to these products. The deeming regulations are nonsensical, and they need to be voided and replaced. This is something I and many others will be working on in the new year.


Graphic Images to be Added on Tobacco Packets to Lower Korea’s Smoking Rate

Smokers are about to get some "treat" starting next year. Starting on December 23, appalling graphic images will be added to cigarette packets in a dire attempt to cut down the country's smoking rate. These graphic photos will give smokers a closer and clearer look at the possible effects of longtime smoking. As recorded last year, about 39.3% of Korean male populations are smokers. [...]


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