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Daily Digest - Friday, 27 January 2017

Raising the vaping age to 21 risks rise in teen smoking

The attacks on e-cigarettes are gathering pace with the American Lung Association's annual State of Tobacco Control report adding to the chorus of voices ranged against the products. The ALA's report assigns each state a letter grade based on how well lawmakers are restricting tobacco use and promoting smoking cessation.


Nicotine may help treat schizophrenia, study finds

Smoking is notoriously bad for one's health. Tobacco use can lead to disability, disease, and even death, but new research suggests that nicotine may have some benefits for patients living with schizophrenia. Researchers from University of Colorado (CU) Boulder - led by Uwe Maskos [...] set out to understand the causes of "hypofrontality," a decreased neuronal activation of the PFC when the task requires it.


Roswell Park-led national study details tobacco use

Despite a decline in cigarette smoking over the years, tobacco remains a health risk for many people, with nearly 28 percent of adults regularly using one or more of an assortment of products, according to results of a major national study led by Roswell Park Cancer Institute. The study [...] is collecting information from 46,000 tobacco and non-tobacco users in 150 randomly selected counties in the United States [...]


Will "Heat-Not-Burn" E-Cigs Kill Off Vaping?

The future of cigarettes may be "smoke free," as Philip Morris International (NYSE:PM) says, but it is a new platform of electronic cigarettes using heat-not-burn technology that may also kill off vaping as we know it. Traditional e-cigs and personal vaping systems (PVS) heat a nicotine-infused liquid to create a vapor that is inhaled. [...]


Call to ban sweet-flavoured e-cigarettes in Wales

Health officials are calling for a ban on the sale of confectionary-like flavours in e-cigarettes over concerns they appeal to children. Public Health Wales said it could potentially lead to nicotine addiction in adult life. It recommends restrictions on advertising e-cigarettes in all media regularly viewed by children. A vaping company said it should be able to market itself as an "alternative to smoking".


NNA asking for permission to intervene on the SNUS ban

"E-cigarettes are having a major impact, but they don’t work for everyone in all circumstances. We want to see wide availability of all safer nicotine products as alternatives to smoking.” said Chair for the NNA, Professor Gerry Stimson. He added that increasing the variety of harm reduction products, increases the likelihood for smokers to find the method that most suits them, hence optimizing their chances of quitting.


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