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Daily Digest - Monday, 5 September 2016

Scotland to launch first safety trial of e-cigarettes and pregnant women

SCOTLAND is to carry out the world’s first study examining the safety of e-cigarettes for pregnant woman and their unborn babies. The study comes amid growing controversy over e-cigarettes. Last week it was reported that they are as bad for your heart as smoking after research found a similar effect to conventional smoking on the stiffness of the main blood vessel in the body.


Their View: Measure 4 wrongly targets all tobacco products

Our biggest cause of premature death can be summed up in three words: cigarette smoking kills. Not just a few smokers, but hundreds of thousands of Americans annually—the equivalent of the population of North Dakota about every 18 months. With roughly half of long-term smokers dying from a disease caused by their smoking, it is hard to imagine a public health crisis more in need of significant interventions.


Is there a profitable future selling tobacco?

Twelve years ago the Philip Morris group changed its name to Altria. At the time the group generated revenues of more than $100bn, turned in profits of $18bn and had accumulated more than 200 food and beverage brands. In its field it was the world's biggest, most profitable enterprise. But all has changed. It is claimed that Philip Morris embraced the name Altria to mask the negatives [...]


Exactly How Many Calories A Smoker Will Forego After A Cigarette

New research pinpoints exactly how the weight gain starts [...] In the study, a group of smokers were separated into two groups. One group had to quit smoking for a night while the other could have two cigarettes. The next day, both groups were presented with unlimited snacks and researchers observed the smokers ate 152 fewer calories than those abstaining and felt just as full and satisfied.


Local vapor shops struggle with new taxes, regulations

The vaping business is one of the newest industries to sweep the nation. There’s an estimated 300 retail vapor shops in Pennsylvania and market research puts the industry’s compound annual growth rate worldwide at about 33 percent. Indiana has three such new businesses, Vapor Expressions on North Fifth Street, Platinum Vapor and Lounge on South Seventh Street and Cloud Premium Vape Shop on Grant Street.


The NHS has banned cigarettes and should ban meat too – both cause cancer

The World Health Organisation ranks bacon, ham and sausages alongside smoking as a cause of cancer, placing processed meats in the same carcinogenic category as asbestos, alcohol and arsenic. [...] Meat eaters who enjoy a relaxing cigarette after dinner are prevented from doing so, apparently in their own and others’ best interests, thanks to a blanket ban on smoking.


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