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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Fri, 13 February 2015


Vaping Advocate of the Year Award 2015

There is only one week left to submit nominations for the Vaping Advocate of the Year Award. This is a unique opportunity to give recognition to some of the people who work tirelessly, most often without reward, to further the cause of vaping, in the face of what we know to be fierce opposition.
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Are electronic cigarettes a healthier alternative to a pack-a-day habit, and can they help users quit smoking? Studies by health journals and the government have found differing answers, but that hasn’t stopped the rising popularity of e-cigarette devices in Korea. Kim Joon-hong, a 30-year-old pilot [...] recently replaced his tobacco cigarettes with an e-cigarette.


Death by smoking is now considered a global epidemic, according to Health Justice, a non-government organization with an advocacy to reduce the number of smokers in the country. Atty. Ma. Paz Luna of Health Justice on Thursday said there are 87,600 people who die every year due to smoking -- or around 240 daily deaths.


BART directors voted unanimously Thursday to give final approval to an ordinance that allows the transit agency to ban electronic cigarettes on its trains and in its stations. The American Lung Association and others backed the measure, saying it's important to protect the health of riders from secondhand vapors and particle pollution from electronic cigarettes.


Public officials and health scolds have had e-cigarettes in their crosshairs for a while now. Yet it's easy to think the things must not be healthy. Surely pulling a cargo of hot smoke into fragile lungs can't be a good thing, even if that smoke doesn't carry tar like burnt tobacco. Plus, vapers are just as much addicts as Marlboro smokers.


Arkansas has made progress at reducing smoking rates the last decade, but that could be halted if proposed legislation passes. Democratic state representative Charles Blake last week announced that he was sponsoring the E-Cigarettes Tax Act, a bill that would impose a 7.5 percent tax per fluid milliliter of nicotine vapor and that he claims would bring in $1.5 million in taxes annually.


About 500 e-cigarette brands are available today, but only a few have been analysed. A lack of knowledge about the contents of the inhaled mixture is linked to the problem of quality standards. Nevertheless, sufficient evidence shows that e-cigarettes’ aerosol is not just a water vapour, as the industry usually claims. 


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