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Daily Digest - Friday, 19 August 2016

Smokers who switch to vaping may have fewer respiratory infections, [...]

The on-line survey of 941 respondents assessed subjective changes in respiratory symptoms in smokers who switched to vaping for at least two months. The results, published in the Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy, show that 66 per cent of respondents reported an improvement in respiratory symptoms, 29 per cent reported no change and 5 per cent reported worsening.


Tobacco regulation needs to support innovation

With all tobacco products now subject to its regulatory authority, FDA has an unprecedented opportunity to further reduce harm from tobacco use. With the benefit of a science- and evidence-based regulatory approach, FDA can support the development of innovative tobacco products that may be lower in risk than cigarettes, and then ensure consumers have access to those products and information about them.


72% of Indonesians would quit smoking if a pack of cigarettes [...]

One notably shocking statistic is that 67.4% of Indonesian males over 15 smoke, but a new survey shows that that number could be significantly curtailed if the government slapped a heavy tax on tobacco production, which would in turn raise cigarette prices. [...] “As many as 72% said they’d quit smoking if a pack of cigarettes costs Rp 50,000 or more,” said lead researcher Hasbullah Thabrany, as quoted by Kompas.


Johns Hopkins Physician and Vaping Opponent Urges Parents to Lie to their Kids [...]

While I agree that children should be urged not to use electronic cigarettes, by no means do I agree that parents should lie to their children about the relative hazards of vaping vs. smoking in order to scare their kids away from these products. A physician [...] has advised parents to lie to their children about the hazards of smoking in order to dissuade them from using electronic cigarettes.


Cigarette makers fight North Dakota tobacco tax hike

North Dakota has not raised its tax on tobacco products since 1993 and the two largest cigarette makers want to keep it that way. The Raise It For Health North Dakota coalition, which includes the American Lung Association, wants to raise the state's 44-cent per pack cigarette tax to $2.20. Taxes on other tobacco products, [...] would increase from the current 28 percent to 56 percent of the wholesale purchase price, the group said.


Australian cigarettes to cost more; [...]

Aussie smokers are helping the government to fill up tax coffers. Cigarettes in Australia already cost a bomb and they are set to become more expensive. Currently, a cigarette contributes 53.7 cents to the Federal Government. In another five years, this figure will go up to 80 cents per cigarette, thanks to a series of planned tax increases.


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