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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Fri, 16 October 2015


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Richard Smith: How public health moralists are promoting harm from tobacco [...]

David Sweanor, a Canadian lawyer who has many times successfully sued the tobacco industry, believes that those who instinctively react against e-cigarettes on moral grounds are making a bad mistake. We all, he says, have the fast form of thinking that is often morally driven, but when it comes to ways of reducing harm from tobacco we need the slow thinking that is logical, scientific, and harder work.


LETTER: Smoke and mirrors

Those who oppose this industry are labelled "nicotine nazis" by the manufacturers and its apologists. They have a perverted set of values. In his latest column (Nicotine nazis hate one thing: pleasure, October 14), Leon Louw shows his warped understanding of addiction, tobacco control organisations and the history of the tobacco industry. He makes many false and weird assertions.


Talking to kids about smoking risks may help parents quit

Parents who quit smoking may be less likely to relapse when they discuss the dangers of cigarettes with their children, a U.S. study suggests. Researchers followed almost 700 ex-smokers with children for one year. Half of the parents received a series of mailers with educational materials explaining the risks of tobacco and activities to help them discuss these dangers with their children.


$300 for a pack of cigarettes: Smoking ban in NSW prisons creates thriving black market

Since smoking was banned in August, the price of a pack of cigarettes has sky-rocketed from $28 on the prison buy-ups scheme to $300 on the black market, prison sources have told Fairfax Media. Amid the desperation, some unconventional ingenuity has emerged from inmates, who are making homemade cigarettes and designing makeshift tools to probe for scraps of tobacco.


Expert criticises "harmful" e-cigarette marketing

A HEALTH academic has criticised "harmful" e-cigarette marketing tactics and called for new guidelines to regulate the industry. Linda Bauld, [...] has said there is "cause for concern" in the way companies are pushing their products. The professor, [...] warns that there are also "no controls" when it comes to alcohol adverts in the UK and she is now calling for tighter regulations across the advertising industry.


Some Legislators Think The Smoking Age Should Be 21

While a growing number of states have turned their attention to marijuana legalization, another proposal has been quietly catching fire among some legislators—raising the legal age to buy cigarettes. This summer, Hawaii became the first state to approve increasing the smoking age from 18 to 21 starting Jan 1. A similar measure passed the California Senate, but stalled in the Assembly.


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