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Daily Digest - Friday, 22 April 2016


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Wasserman Schultz Slammed For Opposition To E-Cigarettes

Democratic National Committee chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is under fire for her criticism of the e-cigarette industry as a machine that will addict future generations to nicotine. Speaking Tuesday in opposition to an amendment that could save the bulk of e-cigarettes business from prohibition, Wasserman Schultz levied several criticisms against vapor products.


Researchers reveal that numerous health websites mislead public [...]

When it comes to learning about the differences in risk among certain types of nicotine products, many government websites are actually misleading or under-informing the public, according to two researchers who analyzed the content of numerous health websites. This in turn helps explain the woeful lack of public knowledge about relative risks, violating basic consumer rights [...]


Canada to introduce legislation [...]

Canada’s Liberal government will introduce legislation to decriminalise and regulate recreational marijuana in spring 2017, according to the health minister, Jane Philpott. The prime minister, Justin Trudeau, promised during last year’s election campaign that his government would legalise recreational marijuana, following the US states of Washington and Colorado, but the time frame has been unclear.


Smoke signals

TOBACCO companies specialise in contradiction. They herald the decline of smoking among youngsters, for example, then flaunt their sales to callow puffers. The most skilled contortionist in the industry may be Philip Morris International, the world’s biggest tobacco firm. To date, any good news for shareholders has been bad news for lungs. But the firm now says it wants to improve profits and health alike.


Big Tobacco's Pot of Gold

If the estimated $45 billion or so of yearly demand for recreational marijuana is in the right ballpark, then more Americans crave cannabis than cabernet or candy bars. And as legalization efforts pull marijuana sales out of the shadows of the black market, an industry is, er, budding. Right now, it's messy, shadowy and highly fragmented -- and the public companies involved in it are mere penny stocks.


Study Finds Indoor Vaping ‘Unlikely’ To Pose [...]

E-cigarettes and ‘vaping’ have not entered the social sphere without its fair share of controversy. Well a new study may have just given the technology a strong public relations boost after researchers found that indoor vaping is ‘unlikely’ to pose a risk to the air quality of a room. It’s the first time a study has taken a detailed look at the chemical particles which are exhaled from e-cigarettes.


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