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Daily Digest - Monday, 15 February 2016

Evidence about electronic cigarettes: a foundation built on rock or sand?

[...] response to the central assertions of McKee and Capewell's analysis of Public Health England's (PHE) report on e-cigarettes (EC). McKee and Capewell: “ …reduced smoking (as opposed to quitting) may not reduce overall risk of death.” RESPONSE: Meta-analyses and a systematic review show that reduced smoking improves outcomes. [...]


[...] Anti-E-Cig Lobby Is Like ‘Abstinence Only’ Movement

One of the world’s leading tobacco control experts is speaking out against an overzealous public health movement more concerned with fighting big companies than improving people’s health. “We had this fundamental problem that you had people that had taken an absolutist position- this is all about right and wrong, and they were more like the abstinence-only people on sex education, or on drugs or alcohol,”


Utah Vapers Could Face 86 Percent Tax Bombshell

Utah vapers could be hit with an 86.5 percent tax on e-cigarettes if a bill proposed Friday passes the state legislature. State Rep. Paul Ray introduced the bill HB333, which would tax e-cigarettes at the same rate as other non-cigarette tobacco products, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. E-cigarettes “are not taxed now because they are relatively new and they have never been put into the tax code, [...]


University of Louisville researcher reveals potentially harmful effects of e-cigarettes

While e-cigarette use is increasing worldwide, little is known about the health effects e-cigarettes pose for users. A University of Louisville researcher is working to change that status. [...] Conklin will share new data showing that e-cigarettes have been shown to speed up atherosclerosis - the plaque-causing disease that leads to heart attack, stroke and peripheral arterial disease.


House passes AG-request bill to reduce youth access [...]

The Washington State House of Representatives today approved Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s agency-request bill to reduce youth access to vapor products, in a 59-36 vote. House Bill 1645 prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes and vapor products without a license, requires school districts to prohibit use of e-cigarettes on school property, restricts Internet sales and unsecured displays, [...]


In the polarising debate about vaping, we've forgotten [....]

A furious debate has been taking place in recent years over electronic cigarettes, and the debate can unfortunately become quite nasty and polarised. Public health practitioners who have fought together for decades are now often opposed. Do electronic cigarettes (ECs) help smokers to quit? Are ECs as innocuous as their advocates claim? [...]


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