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Daily Digest - Thursday, 11 February 2016

There Were 8.5 Million Google Searches Related To Vaping In 2014, But Only Rarely About Its Health Risks

A new study published Thursday in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine has found that the number of Google searches related to e-cigarettes has taken a sharp incline since 2010. Whereas nationally there were around 1.5 million Google searches in 2010, 2014 saw 8.5 million searches. Even the way we we talk about them is beginning to change, with web browsers frequently turning to variations of “vaping” over “e-cigarettes”.


Penn researchers repurpose Alzheimer’s drug to help tobacco smokers quit

The research aims to repurpose an FDA-approved drug called galantamine currently used to improve cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients. If successful, it could help tobacco smokers quit, and preliminary results look favorable: In Ashare’s initial trial of 33 adults age 18 to 60, participants smoked 2.3 fewer cigarettes daily and reported less satisfaction with those they did.


Essex e-liquid founder talks ‘premium’ e-liquid, being in business since 2012, and upcoming regulations

The vaping industry may not be in its infancy, but it’s still young. It’s for that reason Essex E Liquid’s 2012 origins make it seem like a veteran company in the industry. In 2011, CEO Dennis Weddle was a bachelor living paycheck to paycheck, working for a sign company. He was in a motorcycle club and was staying at a friend’s house when a woman gave him the movie The Secret.


What Yelp data reveal about the sudden rise of vape shops in America

Shops to buy and use electronic cigarettes have sprung up all across the United States. But the rise of these “vapor lounges” has gone largely unremarked upon, even as calls for tighter regulation of e-cigarettes have grown. This may be because we know almost nothing about them. Reliable data about anything related to vaping are very difficult to come by.


VT Hands Out Taxpayer Dollars So Children Can Campaign Against E-Cigarettes

Vermont’s Department of Health is using taxpayer dollars to fund a children’s campaign against e-cigarettes. The Our Voices Xposed (OVX) campaign — which is led and organized by high school students but financially supported by the Department of Health (DoH) — rallied outside the Vermont State Capitol Tuesday to warn against the alleged dangers of e-cigarettes.


E-cigarettes 'as dangerous for unborn babies as regular tobacco'

New research suggests that e-cigarette vapour may be as damaging as tobacco smoke to the nervous systems of the foetus or newborn infant. The early findings, based on studies of mice, show that exposure to volatile chemicals from the devices disrupts the activity of thousands of genes in the developing frontal cortex, the brain region responsible for higher mental functions.


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