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Daily Digest - Thursday, 21 July 2016

Smokers fume as France mulls ban on 'too cool' Gitanes and Gauloises

The news was enough to have French smokers choking on their morning cigarette: France is considering banning some tobacco brands because they are just too cool. [...] Reporting the ban, Le Figaro said that while the directive was “relatively vague”, it clearly covered anything suggesting “masculinity or femininity, physical slimness, youth or sociability”.


Government moves to tax e-cigarettes

The Finnish government is planning a new tobacco tax that will extend to include electronic cigarettes. A decision regarding taxation of e-cigarettes will be decided upon in autumn budget process meetings. The new taxation level would be 30 cents per millilitre of liquid for re-filling e-cigarettes. If the proposal steps into effect in Finland, the cost of cheap e-cigarette liquids would rise - significantly.


Has New Zealand lost its way in tobacco control measures?

The New Zealand government has decided to reorient its priorities in tobacco control. It has announced it will be pulling 73 per cent of its previous funding support for tobacco control advocacy. The only money allocated for tobacco control to do the vital work of building and sustaining community and multi-party support for tobacco control will go to an Auckland-based Māori health agency Hāpai te Hauora.


Researchers say sale of menthol-like cigarettes violates spirit of new laws in Canada

Despite a recent ban on the sale of menthol cigarettes in the Canadian provinces of Alberta and Nova Scotia, cigarettes made with similar coloring and marketed as having the same taste are still being sold, new research from the Institute for Global Tobacco Control at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health suggests.


E-Cig Lawsuits Mount Over Exploding Devices

Lawsuits for exploding e-cigarettes are trickling in from across the country, The Wall Street Journal reports. Meanwhile, whether or not the devices are safer than cigarettes remains controversial. Across the country, dozens of plaintiffs filed lawsuits in New York, Florida, California and other states. The lawsuits name all device makers involved in the sale and manufacture of the devices.


The ENDS Justifies The Ends

For all of the last century, the story of tobacco was a simple tale of good and evil. On the dark side was what became known collectively as Big Tobacco. And on the side of the angels was everybody else; tobacco control officials, public health professionals, doctors from a multitude of disciplines and the many health charities with an interest in the extermination of the devils and all their works. [...]


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