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Daily Digest - Wednesday, 3 August 2016

FDA Tobacco Center Director to Ex-Smoking Vapers: You Don't Exist

According to an article in yesterday's Winston-Salem Journal, the head of the FDA's Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) told the hundreds of thousands of ex-smokers in the U.S. who successfully quit smoking by switching to vaping that: "there is no definitive support of e-cigs playing a cessation role." [...] To ignore this evidence is to ignore the experiences of vapers throughout the United States and to deny their existence.


Teens Who Smoke Daily May Be Coping with Poor Health

Teenagers who smoke daily are now having more health complains compared to previous years, a study involving Norwegian teenagers [...] has revealed. "Teens who smoke report significantly higher levels of health complaints than nonsmoking teens, and we found that this gap has widened over the years, even as the overall prevalence of teen smoking has dropped," said lead author Dr. Marc Braverman, [...]


E-cigarette advertisements are luring ex-smokers back to tobacco, warns Quit Victoria

E-CIGARETTE advertising has the power to drive former smokers back to real cigarettes, new research has suggested. While debate rages about whether the battery-powered cigarettes are a safe or effective way to quit smoking, a study of 800 former smokers has found advertising for the products had the opposite effect.


Dopamine Returns to Normal 3 Months After Quitting Smoking

Three months after quitting smoking, levels of dopamine in the brain return to normal, [...] The findings suggest that dopamine deficits found in smokers are due to the smoking itself and are not necessarily a pre-existing risk factor. A major challenge in understanding substance-related disorders lies in discovering the reasons why only some individuals become addicted, according to first author Dr. Lena Rademacher, [...]


Greece mulls reimbursement of anti-smoking medicines

In an effort to implement an effective anti-smoking law in enclosed public places, the Greek government is examining whether to start reimbursing the cost of anti-smoking drugs. The proposed full smoking ban will also cover e-cigarettes. Successive governments in Athens have failed to implement a smoking ban that was introduced approximately nine years ago.


New taxes have Egyptian smokers fuming

After years of work, the Egyptian Ministry of Finance has finally announced completion of the value-added tax (VAT) bill. [...] The submission of the bill to parliament for discussion and ratification provoked immediate controversy among lawmakers, since the bill, if passed, would impose more financial burdens on Egyptians [...] For instance, the prices of tobacco products would face a 50% hike under the bill.


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