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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Thu, 15 October 2015

EU chooses corporatism on E-Cigarettes

Despite the wide consensus that vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking, EU rules will force E-cigarette companies to undergo overzealous tests, ban them from advertising and follow bizarre new rules such as insisting on smaller refill containers. All this will pitch them onto an uneven playing field against the big tobacco firms.


What to Advise to Respiratory Patients Intending to Use Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes (ECs) are being increasingly used as an attractive long-term alternative nicotine source to conventional tobacco cigarettes. This substitution is likely to improve health in regular EC users, and more and more respiratory patients using or intending to use ECs will be seeking professional medical advice.


Everyone Likes A Quitter

The good thing about writing about smoking is that for once I don't have to watch my words. Nothing I say could possibly offend smokers more than the government's shock tactics and cigarette packets themselves. Those of the self-poisoning persuasion are the one section of society you can tear to pieces with impunity.


Reynolds adds four Vuse flavorings nationwide

R.J. Reynolds Vapor Co. has gone national with four new flavors for Vuse, the nation’s top-selling electronic cigarette. The company said Wednesday that crema, chai, berry and mint have been expanded beyond test markets in Colorado and Utah. Reynolds describes crema has having a creamy flavor with a hint of tobacco taste, while berry is a mixed blend of berries and chai is a blend of aromatic tea.


Smoking increases health care costs, [...]

Tobacco use appeared associated with significantly increased health care costs, as well as the number of hospitalizations for patients with periphery artery disease, according to study results published in Journal of the American College of Cardiology. “The results suggest that immediate provision of tobacco cessation programs may be especially cost-effective,” [...]


Use of e-cigarettes and alternative tobacco products may lead to increased tobacco use

"Alternative tobacco products represent a new challenge in the 75-year-old war against tobacco," says commentary co-author Michael Weitzman, MD, a professor of Pediatrics and of Environmental Medicine at NYU Langone. "With the increasing numbers of young adults using alternative tobacco products, we have every reason to be concerned."


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