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Daily Digest - Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Across Canada, smoking laws will have to be updated by next July to deal with legalized pot

Over the last generation, governments at all levels across Canada have steadily restricted smoking tobacco. B.C.’s Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act does what it says on the label, as does Alberta’s Tobacco and Smoking Reduction Act, which begins by saying that ” … ‘smoke’ means to smoke, hold or otherwise have control over a lit tobacco product.”


India considering a ban on electronic cigarettes

“E-cigarettes are just a mechanism to deliver nicotine in an attractive format. They are being marketed as a harm-reduction product, which is contrary to the truth. Youngsters are being lured as it is easily available in different flavours. People should not get lured because e-cigarettes too are harmful,” said Bhavna B Mukhopadhyay, chief executive of the Voluntary Health Association of India.


Adding 80p to a pack of cigarettes ‘could help millions of smokers quit’ [...]

ADDING an extra 80p to every packet of cigarettes could help millions of smokers quit, new findings suggest. The price rise makes it 20 per cent more likely people will puff on fewer cigarettes each day. And, scientists found hitting a smoker's wallet was much more effective than smoking bans in encouraging people to stop.


Quitline is good value for money, says new study

A new study from the University of Otago, Wellington has found New Zealand's Quitline service is a highly cost-effective way to improve health and even saves the health system money. [...] Professor Wilson says this finding suggests Quitline will be helping reduce health inequalities, as also found with other research on tobacco-control interventions. [...]


Legalising marijuana won't combat rise in synthetics use

Marijuana will not be legalised on Paula Bennett's watch. The Police Minister said she was concerned about the growing synthetic drug problem, particularly for west and south Auckland, but said "liberalising cannabis" was not the solution. "I think there are real concerns about the message that sends to our young people," she said.


E-cigarettes, hookahs added to smoke-free ordinance

A Kentucky city has passed an expanded smoking ordinance, banning the use of e-cigarettes and hookahs from public places or worksites. News outlets report the changes go into effect Monday after the Louisville Metro Council voted in May to expand the city's smoke-free ordinance to include e-cigarettes and hookahs.


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