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Daily Digest - Wednesday, 6 July 2016 

Ugly Is the New Look for Cigarette Packs

The success of Marlboro’s masculinization shows the importance of brand imagery and advertising. With cigarettes, they are practically all that matters. The vast majority of smokers start when they are young, and virtually none start because they like the taste, or the product itself. It’s the image: Smoking makes them feel defiant, feel cool. Young people create a self-image with their cigarette brand.


Advice to WHO nations to consider mandatory low-nicotine cigarettes is premature, UB researcher says

BUFFALO, N.Y. – A panel of tobacco researchers that guides 180 World Health Organization countries on developing constructive new regulations for tobacco products recently advised the group to consider a “global nicotine reduction strategy.” This strategy would require that very low nicotine cigarettes could be the only cigarettes sold legally. These cigarettes would have so little nicotine in the tobacco (...)


GFN2016 Presentation:
What would good regulation of e-cigarettes look like?

Clive Bates from Counterfactual asks, what would good regulation of e-cigarettes look like?


EU to end anti-tobacco smuggling deal with Philip Morris

The EU is to end a controversial $1.25bn deal with Philip Morris International aimed at reducing trade in illicit cigarettes following criticism from lawmakers. A change in smuggling trends coupled with tougher EU anti-tobacco laws that came into force this year mean that the agreements are no longer necessary, according to officials who confirmed the move.


Meet the US farmers turning their tobacco into airplane fuel

Most of the tobacco growing across 80-acres at Briar View Farms in Callands, Virginia is chosen for its flavour and high nicotine content. The leaves are hand-harvested, flue-cured or dark-fired and sold as smoking or chewing tobacco at premium prices. The June and October harvests are mechanised and the entire plant, including leaves and stems, are cut with a silage chopper and tossed into metal bins.


GFN 2016 Presentation:
Evidence, Accountability, Transparency - whose science counts?

Evidence, Accountability, Transparency - whose science counts? - a panel discussion


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