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Daily Digest - Monday, 22 February 2016


Important update to recent blog post by Atakan Befrits: Swedish Court rules that vaping products are not medicines products - read more here....

Adult smoking habits in Great Britain, 2014

This report highlights some of the characteristics of adult (16 years old and over) smokers in 2014 and the findings on e-cigarette users in Great Britain in 2015 using our Opinions and Lifestyle Survey. The percentage of current smokers in Great Britain has remained at 19% compared with 2013, but the percentage of male smokers has reached its lowest ever value of the series. [...]


Vaping isn’t smoking, for purposes of N.Y. state [...]

New York bans smoking in many public places — but does that cover “vaping,” which is to say use of “e-cigarettes” that produce nicotine-infused vapor? No, said a New York trial court earlier this month, in People v. Thomas, which involved vaping on a subway platform. The New York public smoking statute defines “smoking” as: the burning of a lighted cigar, cigarette, [...] which contains tobacco.


Illinois To Seek Raise For Smoking Age To 21?

The state of Illinois in United States which currently has the legal smoking age as 18 could increase the age to 21, including that of e-cigarettes, according to reports. Senator John G. Mulroe, D-Chicago on Thursday presented a proposal amongst public health advocates [...] gave several reasons as to why increasing the legal age-limit would be good for the general public.


Dementia Drugs May Help Smokers Quit

Cognition-enhancing medications used to treat patients with Alzheimer's disease may have a role in smoking cessation, new research suggests. In a small study, smokers treated with the acetylcholinesterase inhibitor (AChEI) galantamine (Razadyne, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc) smoked fewer cigarettes and found cigarettes less satisfying, even before they tried to quit.


‘Brain movies’ show nicotine affects men and women differently

Addictions are hard to kick. Just ask all cigarette smokers who keep puffing away despite the boatload of evidence that they are killing themselves. Now, new research being conducted in Israel shows that addictions work differently in women and men. A study being conducted largely in Israel by Evan Morris, [...] shows this clearly. In fact, Morris and his students have even made a movie out of it.


Cannabis does not cause anxiety and depression, study finds

Cannabis does not increase the risk of developing anxiety or depression, a new study has found. There has long been debate over the drug’s potential link to mental health problems. [...] study by scientists at Columbia University, based on 35,000 American adults, found no link between cannabis and anxiety and depression.


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