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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Thu, 27 August 2015

Derek Yach: Anti-smoking advocates should embrace e-cigarettes

Over the last decade, a range of new reduced-risk nicotine products such as electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) have appeared on the market. Millions of smokers have used them to successfully replace their regular cigarettes, thereby reducing their risk of cancer, heart disease and lung disease. 


Local Smokers Respond to New Findings on Electronic Cigarettes

Its a multi-million dollar business that has offered a new way for smokers to kick the habit, [...]


Parents need to be more aware of harmful effects of e-cigarettes on kids

A new study has claimed that many parents, who use e-cigarettes, are not aware of the dangers it can cause to the children. Lead author Jane Garbutt said that these were largely avoidable risks but because e-cigarettes were relatively new, many people are not aware of the dangers or the steps that should be taken to protect children from them.


Dr Joe - E-Cigarettes | Today Perth News

E-cigarettes have been making headlines this week with an Australian doctor causing uproar by calling for them to be more readily available.


Government Grant Funding Corrupts Tobacco Research, [...]

Government ought to rely on unbiased scientific findings when making policy decisions regarding important issues. But unfortunately, many government agencies undermine the scientific process by using it for their own purposes rather than to discover the truth, a reality President Dwight Eisenhower pointed out in his farewell address more than a half-century ago. [...]


Roswell leaders take steps to ban E-cigarettes from city parks

Roswell leaders are closer to outlawing E-cigarettes and vapor pens at city parks.


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