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Daily Digest - Monday, 7 March 2016


E-cigarette coils from a chemist's point of view - Mirosław Dworniczak

When vapers discuss safety issues, they usually take into account the components of e-liquid and the composition of the aerosol inhaled. Of course this is the most important subject, but we should also be aware of metals of which the coils are made. [Read more...]

E-cigarette public place ban likely to win assembly support

A ban on e-cigarettes in some public places is likely to win support from the assembly. The Welsh government is concerned e-cigarette use may normalise smoking. A Liberal Democrat attempt to scrap the restrictions from the Public Health Bill is likely to fail with some Plaid Cymru AMs, including Elin Jones, supporting the regulations.


We're unsure if e-cigarettes are harmful [...]

E-cigarettes have rapidly risen in popularity in recent years and are now the subject of heated debate as to whether they are effective in helping smokers quit tobacco or whether they are actually making smoking attractive to young people. Are they a way for Big Tobacco to protect its profits in markets where smoking is declining and lure people back into nicotine addiction [...]


Grover Norquist Hammers Dem Demanding Massive E-Cig Tax

The Democratic minority leader in the Utah House of Representatives launched a broadside against President of Americans for Tax Reform Grover Norquist Thursday, while arguing for an 86 percent tax increase for e-cigarettes. Rep. Brian King argued the House Revenue and Taxation Committee should have a straight up or down vote on bill HB333, [...]


Stringent rules on sale of e-cigarettes needed to protect youngsters

A survey published last month by the Census and Statistics Department shows daily cigarette smokers account for 10.5 per cent of all persons aged 15 and over in Hong Kong – the lowest figure since 1982. The results offer little room for complacency as it was revealed in the same report that 9 per cent of secondary school students reported having used electronic cigarettes. [...]


Hybrid device delivers tobacco flavors with e-cig like vapor

A novel hybrid product that combines e-cigarette technology with fresh tobacco, called ' glo iFUSE', has been shown to successfully deliver natural tobacco flavours without impacting the potentially reduced risk nature of the aerosol produced. E-cigarettes are believed to be substantially reduced risk compared to cigarettes, [...]


Third-Hand Cigarette Smoke Residues Can Lead to Diabetes

Cigarette smoking has long been linked to an increased risk of cancer in smokers and people exposed to cigarette fumes. Now, researchers are studying the effects of so-called third-hand smoke. "Third-hand smoke is the accumulation of second-hand smoke on the environmental surfaces,” said Manuela Martins-Green, a cell biologist at the University of California, Riverside.


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