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Daily Digest - Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Feds need to rethink anti-vaping legislation

The new federal government is now attempting to limit public access to scientific data in its proposed anti-vaping legislation, Bill S-5, which passed was introduced in November 2016. Bill S-5 prohibits manufacturers or purveyors of e-cigarettes from sharing scientific information comparing the health effects of smoking traditional combustible tobacco cigarettes with vaping.


Inmates in Irish prisons will soon have access to e-cigarettes

In a recent court case, the barrister for a defendant complained to the judge that the man had been advised for health reasons to stop smoking, but e-cigarettes could not be sent in because of a “procurement problem”. A spokesperson [...] told that these devices are not currently available at present, but their availability does form part of a new smoking policy that is being finalised.


Dawson: Tobacco control endgame – is it really about saving people?

Granted, tobacco control has been a successful public health battle in Canada, where we’ve brought the rates down from nearly 50 per cent in 1965 to 13 per cent now. The next goal is an ambitious reduction in the smoking rate to five per cent by 2035. But the current 13-per-cent smoking rate doesn’t tell anywhere near the real story.


New study on smoking bans finds decrease in smoke exposure in public and private places

Exposure to secondhand smoke has long been associated with negative health effects. A study of secondhand smoke exposure after two smoking bans in Spain [...] suggests that overall exposure can be decreased across all settings by comprehensive legislative efforts. The authors reviewed approximately 2,500 adult non-smokers' self-reported rates of tobacco smoke exposure in several public and private settings [...]


Will N.J. soon ban flavored e-cigarettes?

New Jersey is now one step closer to banning the sale and distribution of most flavored electronic smoking products. The state Assembly's health committee voted 7-2, with two abstentions, on Monday to approve the bill, which would ban anyone from selling increasingly popular "vaping" devices and products in all flavors other than clove, menthol, and tobacco.


Tobacco Companies Taking Over the E-Cigarette Industry

For decades, cigarettes cornered the market on nicotine. People who decided to take up smoking chose the cigarette over any other nicotine delivery system available, including pipes and chewing tobacco. This trend held true for generations of smokers, but in the past 10 years the cigarette industry has seen a small but significant sea change.


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