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Daily Digest - Monday, 20 February 2017

Like smoking tobacco, vaping may increase risk of heart disease

People sometimes opt for electronic cigarettes in hopes of escaping the proven health hazards of tobacco, which include an increased risk for heart disease. Are e-cigarettes in fact harmless when it comes to the heart? The study involved 42 adults with an average age of 28. Twenty-three had used e-cigarettes — vaped — daily for at least a year and 19 had never vaped.


Doctor-lawmaker tries to restrict smoking in tobacco country

When Dr. Ralph Alvarado was elected to the Kentucky state Senate in 2014, he found his new colleagues had something in common with most of his patients: They knew smoking was bad, they just couldn't quit. For more than two years, Alvarado has led the effort to restrict smoking in a state with the highest smoking rate in the country. [...]


Smoking vs e-cigarettes and the increasing use of e-cigarettes

Sanjay Agrawal, MBBS of University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust, UK discusses e-cigarettes compared to smoking. 85% of lung cancer patients are smokers. [...]


Landmark Vaping Study Finds E-Cigs ‘Substantially Improve’ Health

The push by U.S. regulators to crush the electronic cigarette industry may be slowing in the wake of a joint study with researchers from the United Kingdom revealing that switching to vaping considerably cuts health risks. “You had researchers from both countries and the CDC involved in the planning and execution of the study for the first time,” Tony Abboud, executive director of the Vapor Technology Association, [...]


Premium vape image draws many away from ‘dirty’ cigarettes

While debate over rising usage of vaping devices or vapes continues, experts and proponents alike nevertheless agree on a key point – the entry point to vapes will always be more expensive than cigarettes, because of the extra electronics pricing. This premium pricing factor could be a major educational and awareness that regulatory authorities can take advantage of, said Julian Morris [...]


The War against Vaping and E-cigarettes

The E-Cig industry is fighting back against new government rules that they say hurts their quickly growing industry. [...]


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