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Nicotine Science and Policy - Daily Digest - Wed, 11 March 2015


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Britain's top business group has urged parliamentarians to strike down government plans that would see cigarettes sold in plain, unbranded packaging from May 2016. There is a sound business case for voting against the proposals in parliament,” Cridland writes in City A.M. today. The proposal is also deeply unpopular with many Conservative MPs. 


Health Minister Jim Wells has announced that smoking will not be permitted in the grounds of any hospital from March 2016. He made the announcement on No Smoking Day. Mr Wells said smoking was the leading cause of preventable illness and premature death in Northern Ireland, killing around 2,300 people each year.


ELECTRONIC cigarettes may be the greatest tool in the fight against lung cancer that the world has ever seen. They’re cheap, convenient and they’re helping smokers everywhere to quit. Demands for governments to identify and solve problems are a recipe for disaster. They lead to higher taxes and less freedom. A cure administered by the nanny state is worse than the disease.


Hong Kong (HKSAR) - The Tobacco Control Office (TCO) of the Department of Health (DH) has made great efforts to implement and enforce tobacco control legislation, particularly the smoking ban in statutory no-smoking areas, said a spokesman for the DH today (March 11). The spokesman said that enforcement of the smoking ban had largely gone smoothly [...]


Anna Kelly started smoking a year ago, at the age of 17. [...] she transitioned to e-cigarettes after her friend bought one for himself. She bought her own, and now is a regular e-cigarette user at 18 years old. “E-cigarettes are a lot more convenient because they don’t cause as much smell, so usually if I’m craving nicotine I’ll just smoke that,” Anna said.


ASHEVILLE – The city is set to ban the use of electronic cigarettes on buses and in city facilities, including parks and the U.S. Cellular Center. City Council is scheduled to vote on the e-cigarette ban during a regular Tuesday meeting. Members of the city's transit committee requested the ban after receiving complaints from bus riders about exposure to vapors, [...]


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