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Daily Digest - Friday, 10 February 2017

Tiny Survey Claims Vaping Will Cause People To Start Smoking

Cigarette smoking has plummeted, which is what we have all wanted, and part of the reason for that is smoking cessation tools, [...] Those are also used for harm reduction; smoking is as uncool as can be these days, so from a health point of view every cigarette not smoked is a win. They work because nicotine is addictive, like caffeine and alcohol, so providing that stimulus without the toxins is good.


Researchers evaluate biological effects of exposure to cigarette smoke [...]

Researchers reported changes in the expression levels of 123 genes when reconstituted lung tissue was exposed to cigarette smoke, compared to only two genes that could be confirmed following exposure to e-cigarette aerosols. They also reported increased levels of several cytokines, which are biomarkers of inflammation, in the lung tissue model exposed to conventional cigarette smoke, as described in the study [...]


E-cigarette harmful, warns Sir Henry

Making his contribution to debate on the Health Services Amendment Bill in the Upper House, retired medical doctor Sir Henry Fraser further cautioned smokers that while they may initially avoid the problematic effects of side-stream smoke, medical research had shown that the use of e-cigarettes eventually leads to other forms of smoking, compounding the negative health effects.


Oxfordshire e-cigarette vendors welcome Cancer Research UK study into vaping effects

E-CIGARETTE suppliers in Oxfordshire have welcomed the results of the first ever long-term study of the effects of vaping in ex-smokers. Bobby Hembrow, [...] said the results were no surprise but would probably lead to a spike in interest. He said: "At this point it's generally accepted that this is a much safer alternative to smoking tobacco, which contains all manner of horrible chemicals.


The BBC And Suspiciously-Timed Snus 'Science'

Articles on the BBC about snus are about as rare as sightings of Willy Wonka factory tour golden tickets, but just such an occurrence was spotted on Tuesday. What looks suspiciously like a well-timed piece of trademark tobacco control junk science to muddy the waters in the run-up to a CJEU challenge of the EU snus ban was - as can be expected with a study negative about nicotine - embraced warmly by Nanny Beeb.


22 percent of TV programmes depict tobacco use: Government study

Nearly 22 per cent of television programmes in India depict tobacco use and 71 per cent of these were broadcast when children and adolescents may have been watching even as an estimated one million deaths in the country are linked to tobacco, a government study has found. [...] the study has recommended strengthening enforcement of the rule by putting across guidelines for the Censor Board [...]


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