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Daily Digest - Thursday, 28 July 2016
‘Coming In From The Cold: Dilemmas and Solutions About Vaping in Workplaces and Social Spaces’
The Keith Weller Suite King Power Stadium Filbert Way, Leicester LE2 7FL
Tuesday, September 20th 14:00 – 16:30
A dialogue organised by Knowledge-Action-Change in partnership with Leicester Stop Smoking Service and supported by the National Smoking Cessation Training Centre and the New Nicotine Alliance.
Attendance at the dialogue is free to anyone, but registration is required. Please visit to secure your place. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. More information you can find here.

A Hotter Vape Emits Higher Levels of Carcinogens, Study Shows

Any serious vaper can tell you the many merits of their custom vape, from how it feels in their hand to how much power it’s got. But those more elaborate rigs may also keep vapers from inhaling higher levels of harmful carcinogens, according to a new study. “Not all devices are the same,” Hugo Destaillats, a co-author on the study [...] told me over the phone.


Exclusive: E-cigarettes should not be available on prescription, say GPs

The vast majority of GPs do not believe that e-cigarettes should be prescribed for patients trying to stop smoking [...] Almost 70% of GPs rejected the idea that NHS e-cigarette prescriptions should be made be available for patients wanting to quit smoking. A small proportion (17%) of GPs backed the idea of prescribing e-cigarettes, while 14% of the 448 doctors who responded said they weren’t sure.


'When I smoked I didn't get preferential treatment' [...]

Telegraph readers have voiced their opinions on whether they think vapers should be given extra breaks at work - and the opinion is split down the middle. Health officials have suggested 'vapers' should be given extra breaks and a designated room to use their e-cigarettes away from traditional smokers. A Telegraph poll showed that 50 per cent of readers said vapers should be given extra breaks, [...]


Study Demonstrates Low Health Risks Associated with "Secondhand Vapor" [...]

A study published in the journal Nicotine & Tobacco Research demonstrates that "secondhand vapor" from e-cigarettes poses very little risk to bystanders. In spite of these findings, which demonstrate that secondhand vaping is not a significant health threat, Dr. Stan Glantz has nevertheless informed the public that the study provides evidence that "e-cigarettes pollute the air and expose bystanders."


U.S. government agency suddenly requires child-proofing immediately

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) had previously said that only e-liquid products packaged after 26th July would require child-proofing [...] But “upon further legal analysis, CPSC staff has determined that the CNPPA applies to existing inventory on its inventory date. Thus, beginning on July 26, 2016, the sale of liquid nicotine in non-compliant containers is prohibited,” [...]


Marijuana Has the IRS Seeing a Different Type of Green

The marijuana industry has been on an incredible ride over the past 20 years, and it appears as if that ride could pick up steam once again come November. As it stands now, half of all U.S. states have legalized the use of medical marijuana, including Pennsylvania and Ohio, which both recently legalized medicinal marijuana entirely through the legislative process [...]


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