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Daily Digest - Wednesday,  4 January 2017


A perennial feature of any Top 10 New Year’s resolutions has been to ‘quit smoking’. But with fewer and fewer of us actually smoking these days, kissing goodbye to the ‘evil weed’ has been slipping down the charts. In 1974, 45 per cent of British adults smoked; by 2015, the Health Survey for England estimated that just 19 per cent of men and 17 per cent of women were current smokers.


What are the new laws on cigarette and tobacco packaging [...]

CIGARETTES and tobacco products have already been hidden away behind the counter in an effort to stop people taking up smoking and help them quit the dangerous habit. And this year, new laws come into force meaning packets will lose their colourful packaging – including iconic brands such as Marlboro. The aim of the laws are simple – to cut the number of people taking up smoking [...]


High rate of pregnant smokers a 'sad statistic'

Nearly 15 per cent of Kiwi women continue to smoke during pregnancy, a rate which tobacco control groups said "hasn't budged". Data from the Ministry of Health Maternity Report from 2014, published in December, showed that women under the age of 20, Maori women and women living in deprived areas were most likely to smoke while pregnant.


Nicotine's Highly Addictive Impact on Youth Underestimated

Although smoking trends among youth have shifted in recent years from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes, the highly addictive culprit nicotine remains constant, a fact that should be underscored in discussion of risk with youth and their parents. "I think most people realize nicotine is addictive, but I don't know if there's an understanding of just how addictive it is – particularly for youths," said Lorena M. Siqueira [...]


Lawmakers Use Cigarette Arguments To Attempt To Ban Vaping

Lawmakers in a Pennsylvania county are gearing up for a vote to squash electronic cigarettes and treat the devices like traditional tobacco. The Allegheny County Council will vote as early as Tuesday on new regulations governing vaping. It would ban the devices in any school, workplace, sports stadium, government building, bus, cab or any other public indoor space.


Marijuana Legalization 2017: [...]

Voters in eight states passed marijuana legalization laws following the 2016 presidential election, giving pot legalization the required momentum for more states across the country to carry out discussions on the decriminalization of cannabis in 2017. After neighboring state Massachusetts fully legalized pot for adults over 21, Rhode Island is expecting marijuana legalization in 2017.


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