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Daily Digest - Monday, 23 May 2016

Regulators should encourage vaping, not fight it

This week, the leading British anti-tobacco organisation Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) published its latest annual survey on the habits of vapers. In Great Britain, as in North America and Europe in general, the number of vapers – or users of electronic cigarettes, devices which provide nicotine to smokers without the harmful constituents from burning tobacco – continues to rise steadily.


E-cigarettes to be treated like tobacco in Victoria, [...]

E-cigarettes, or vaping, is set to be banned in all areas where cigarette smoking is prohibited in Victoria, under new laws to come into effect next year. Under the changes, [...] children under 18 will no longer be able to buy them. Victorian Health Minister Jill Hennessy said vaping could be a gateway to smoking for young people and the laws would give more clarity to workplaces and restaurants.


This Is What the Future of Vaping Looks Like

Every since the Food and Drug Administration released its final regulations on vaping products earlier this month, there’s been much hand-wringing over how these new rules would shape the future of the industry. As soon as I flipped the lid to reveal a black, form-fitted foam kit of the latest model of blu e-cigarettes—one of the more profitable brands in the country—the future seemed a little more clear.


E-cigarettes - the fog and haze around the debate

Are e-cigarettes a good thing as an option for smokers trying to kick their habit? Or are there potential dangers to users and others which might only become apparent after years more research? Some smoking cessation experts swear by them; others want nothing to do with them. Now a European Union directive has added a new dimension to the debate.


Don't hate me just because I vape ... everywhere

I assumed when I gave up smoking that people would in general be pleased. I thought anyone who liked me a lot (my parents) would be relieved, for health reasons, and anyone who liked me but wished I would stop blowing smoke all over their nice clean homes (nearly everybody else) would be much more pleased to see me.


E-cigarettes curb removed from Welsh health bill

Plans to ban e-cigarettes in some public places will be dropped from Wales’ public health bill, First Minister Carwyn Jones has said. The Public Health (Wales) Bill aimed to restrict the use of nicotine-inhaling devices in places such as schools, restaurants and cafes as well as on public transport. But the contentious legislation was defeated by just one vote in the Welsh Assembly [...]


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