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Daily Digest - Tuesday, 10 May 2016

E-cigarette poisonings on rise in young kids

Electronic cigarettes are sickening a growing number of young kids, usually because children drink the liquid nicotine that’s used in the devices, a U.S. study of poison center calls suggests. Even small amounts of liquid nicotine can cause serious poisoning or death in young children, said senior study author Dr. Gary Smith, director of the Center for Injury Research [...]


S. Korea to control e-cigarettes in antismoking policy

The South Korean government announced a package of antismoking measures on Tuesday that would affect electronic cigarettes as well. It will also push for the revision of related laws to tighten control on ads for cigarettes, especially near schools, under the plan unveiled jointly by the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Strategy and Finance.


FDA Moves to Kill E-Cigarettes

If Congress has any self-respect or desire to preserve its own prerogatives, it needs to overturn the FDA's new proposed regulations on e-cigarettes. The regulations, announced last week, would amount to a de facto prohibition on all of the currently marketed potentially lifesaving alternative to combustible, disease-causing cigarettes. They are worth opposing on public health grounds alone.


What The U.S. Should Learn From The UK's Wisdom On E-Cigarettes

If you care about vaping’s implications for public health, it is the worst of times and also the best of times– it just depends which side of the Atlantic you live on. In late April, the Royal College of Physicians released a report called Nicotine without Smoke – Tobacco Harm Reduction. [...] “Then, before the euphoria of this news had worn off,” says Mark Dickinson, [...]


Vaping hits low point, it was a passing trend

The nation’s vaping industry has hit a low point with no new first-time buyers recorded last week. Last October, there were 800,000 vapers but this dropped to 200,000 earlier this month in what is believed to be the result of the Health Ministry’s efforts to educate the public on the ills of the habit, [...] Allan Foo said the reduced adoption of vaping by Malaysians could be due to it being just a passing trend.


Premium cigar industry plans fight against new U.S. tobacco rules

Eric Newman thinks new U.S. tobacco rules could be devastating for high-end cigar makers like him, but he is not giving up. [...] Cigar industry advocates warn the rules, particularly a requirement to submit new products for FDA review, may prove too costly for up to 75 percent of the smaller manufacturers that use more traditional methods.


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