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Daily Digest - Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Persisting Long Term Benefits of Smoking Abstinence and Reduction in Asthmatic Smokers Who Have Switched to Electronic Cigarettes

Improvements in asthma outcomes have been recently reported in asthmatic smokers who have substantially reduced their tobacco consumption by switching to ECs. Confirmation of these preliminary findings is necessary to reassure patients, healthcare professionals and policy makers. [...]

Cigarettes cheaper than e-cigarettes in 44 of 45 countries studied

Combustible tobacco cigarettes cost less to purchase than equivalent amounts of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) in 44 of 45 countries sampled around the world, according to a new American Cancer Society study. The study, appearing in Tobacco Control, concludes the gap exists despite the fact that e-cigarettes are not yet widely subjected to comparable excise taxes as combustible cigarettes.


View e-cigarettes as harm reduction, not health risk: Prof

Health Canada is wary of e-cigarettes and the City of Ottawa is banning them where they can, but one Ottawa smoking researcher says it’s the wrong move. “My goal is to reduce death and disease. The problem is smoke, not the nicotine. If we can give people nicotine without the smoke we largely solve the health problem,” said David Sweanor, a professor of law at the University of Ottawa.


NHS health chief reckons smoke-free Scotland 'possible' by 2034

IT WAS 10 years ago today that Scotland officially banned smoking in public spaces. Hospital admissions from heart attacks had been falling by three per cent on average every year but a study showed they fell 17 per cent in the first year of the ban and in non-smokers, it was 20 per cent. Emilia Crighton, interim director of public health [...] believes the ban is only the first step.


Smoke without fire: Japan becomes test ground for real tobacco e-cigarette

Two tobacco giants are seeing strong demand for their reboots of the e-cigarette in Japan, with Philip Morris International twice postponing a nationwide rollout and Japan Tobacco suspending shipments - both due to supply shortages. Japan has become a key testing ground for the two companies and their new, real tobacco e-smokes [...]


1% of a $900 Billion Market Has Health Officials Baffled

If 20 years ago you had told the American Council on Science and Health that tobacco company stocks would be outpacing the S&P 500 by 600 percent for investor return in the two-year period leading into 2016, we’d have thought you were proposing some bizarre science-fiction story. While I understand the power of addiction, that is only an issue for smokers; and future generations would be far more aware of the dangers of smoking and not become smokers, I’d have argued.


Ban vaping in hotels and other public places as well

The government recently announced the intention to ban smoking in hotels by the end of 2016 and subsequently extend it to other public places. [...] Until the implementation of the ban, the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) stands firm that the government must not accede to any appeals to designate smoking areas such as cigar bars.


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