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Daily Digest - Friday, 26 August 2016

What are kids vaping? Results from a national survey of US adolescents

Data come from Monitoring the Future, an annual, nationally representative survey of USA 12th-grade, 10th-grade and 8th-grade students. Respondents reported what substance they vaped the last time they used a vaporiser such as an e-cigarette. Among students who had ever used a vaporiser, 65–66% last used ‘just flavouring’ in 12th, in 10th and in 8th grade, more than all other responses combined. [...]


Teen vaping is not what you think it is, researchers say

A new study published this week in the journal Tobacco Control provides some clarity as to what, exactly, your teen is smoking when they puff away on Saturday Morning Cereal Vape Juice. [...] the overwhelming majority of teens who experiment with vaping — about two-thirds of them — use only the flavored vaping juices that contain absolutely no nicotine, marijuana or other drugs. [...]


E-cigarettes: Most teens vape for flavor, not nicotine

With the use of e-cigarettes on the rise among adolescents, concerns have been raised that the devices may be fueling a "nicotine epidemic." New research, however, claims this is not the case, [...] Dr. Miech says the findings suggest there is not a nicotine epidemic among adolescents, though he says that does not mean e-cigarette use cannot act as a gateway to conventional smoking.


Unintended consequences of the FDA’s e-cigarette regulations

[...] E-cigarette products can only stay on the market after this ‘predicate date’ if a manufacturer undertakes a package of research that is required by FDA to consider granting approval for a product to stay on the market. Experts have estimated that undertaking this research package to a good standard could cost a manufacturer at least $3 million per product it wishes to keep on the market.


US pharmacies sell cigarettes for less than other stores

Cigarettes are often cheaper at the very place that people shop for health supplies and fill medicine prescriptions, according to a new study in California. "Compared to other types of stores, pharmacies charged customers less for cigarettes, more for bottled water," said lead author Lisa Henriksen [...] "It's surprising that stores that are supposed to promote health sell the world's deadliest product of all, [...]


Now is not the time to tax e-cigarette liquid

The Government has been urged to add a tax to the liquid used in e-cigarettes (vapour) products. But it is a recommendation that, in the interest of both health and economics, should not be implemented. Though it should go without saying, it is still worth reiterating that smoking is an extraordinarily huge and unnecessary cause of death and disease.


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