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Daily Digest - Thursday, 3 August 2017

Marewa Glover & David Sweanor: Vaping can make us smoke-free by 2025

New Zealand led the world in the fight against smoking-related illnesses with its Smoke-Free Environments Act 1990. Almost three decades and several amendments later, New Zealand is on the threshold of passing another revolutionary piece of public health legislation. Yesterday the Associate Minister of Health, Nicky Wagner, announced a further step in legislative change that will see nicotine for use in vaping products legalised for import (...)


LA Times Uses Old Data To Push ‘Prohibitionist’ Stance Against Vaping

The Los Angeles Times tore into a decision from federal regulators to ease restrictions on vaping in an editorial Monday, using alarmism and old data to push the view that e-cigarettes are a threat to public health. FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb announced Friday the agency is pushing off the deadline to comply with the FDA’s contentious “deeming rule,” which requires businesses to retroactively submit each individual product to the (...)


Reducing nicotine in cigarettes - Professor Eric Donny

Reducing nicotine in cigarettes to enable positive behaviour change. Presented by Professor Eric Donny at GFN 2017 in Warsaw, Poland.


Cancer Research UK in favour of e-cigs for harm reduction

The article titled “Jury is out on e-cigarettes” appeared on The Scotsman last week, and referred to research from the University of Stirling indicating that 40% of young people who have tried e-cigarettes went on to smoke regular cigarettes. Professor Linda Bauld wrote on Pressreader in response to the article (...) “This study doesn’t prove that trying vaping caused young people to smoke, and the authors of the research were careful to (...)


Will Lowering Nicotine in Cigarettes Help Smokers Quit?

The FDA is investigating whether cigarettes could be made 'nonaddictive' and if the lack of nicotine would encourage or discourage people from smoking more. Is it possible to create a nonaddictive nicotine cigarette? That’s the question the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) hopes to answer with a new initiative to investigate the possibilities of a “low-nicotine” cigarette. Additionally, low-nicotine cigarettes could potentially help (...)


GFN 2017 Science Plenary 2

GFN 2017 Science Plenary 2 response from Dr Sharon Cox & Q&A


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