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Daily Digest - Monday, 30 January 2017

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Nicotine in the news - Harry Shapiro

OK, so let's start with some good news for a change.
In Canada, the University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research of British Columbia (CARBC) in a report called “ Clearing the Air” have concluded that fears of vaping being a gateway to tobacco smoking are unfounded.

How Australia is stubbing out smoking

It's not easy being a smoker in Australia. The smoking bans started inside - in workplaces, bars and restaurants - and moved out. "Smokers would congregate on footpaths and near public transport creating clouds of smoke - what we call 'smoking hotspots'," says Mark Driver, Sydney's Park and Recreation Planner. "Now, smoking is prohibited within 10m (33ft) of a playground, [...]


How We Know Vaping Opponents are Driven by Ideology and Not Science

Not a single anti-tobacco or health group or agency which has warned the public about the risks of "popcorn lung" from vaping has warned smokers about the risks of popcorn lung. Let us assume, for a moment, that it is true that vaping puts people at risk of developing popcorn lung because it contains diacetyl, a chemical which was found to cause popcorn lung in several popcorn factory workers. [...]


Laguna Beach looks at banning smoking in all public places

On Tuesday, the City Council supported extending the list to all public places — including alleys, bike paths, sidewalks, parking lots and plazas — as well as common areas of multi-unit residences. In a unanimous vote, the council directed staff to return with a draft ordinance. Electronic cigarettes and vaporizers would be treated as tobacco products under the new rules and be similarly banned in those areas.


Scientists turn to social media to study drug abuse

Scientists have urged for the use of social media to study the trends of drug and substance use to help in formulation of policies on the same. This comes after a study conducted in the US over increased use of water-pipe commonly referred to as shisha. The use of shisha also known as hookah has gained popularity in Kenya in the past few years [...]


UK Gourmet E-Liquid Brand Targets New Markets

The global e-cigarette industry is projected to grow annually by 22% until 2025 and is currently one of the fastest growing sectors in the UK. Red Vape, an e-liquid manufacturer [...] are an example of how British brands are leading the way in this quickly evolving market. As a company at the forefront of the e-cigarette sector, Red Vape has been producing gourmet e-liquids from their state of the art UK manufacturing facility.



Medical doctors and researchers have mixed views on whether e-cigarettes truly are a safer option compared to tobacco cigarettes. Dr Kgosi Letlape says vaping should not be advertised as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes but rather as widening the options in the market, taking socio-economic conditions into consideration. But health activist Clive Bates says over regulating e-cigarettes might have the opposite effect.


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