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Daily Digest - Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Stop burning cash on anti-smoking schemes

I must be a great disappointment to the organisers of Stoptober — the annual effort to persuade cigarette smokers to abstain from their unhealthy habit for a full calendar month. As someone who has smoked heavily for more than a quarter of a century, I should be the key target for this project. If I don’t quit now, I’m told there’s a fair to middling chance that, sooner or later, cigarettes will be the death of me.


E-cigarettes: An unnecessary evil or a golden opportunity?

GPs are at the frontline of smoking cessation and are often the first port of call for many wishing to quit. GPs therefore need to be up-to-date and informed on e-cigarettes in order to advise patients on the topic. It is unclear whether or not this is the case at present. No studies investigating the knowledge, attitudes and practice of doctors in the UK have yet been undertaken.


Utah regulators take new action against e-cigarette company

Utah regulators are again taking action against an e-cigarette company that officials say changed its name from Vapex to O2PUR, but kept using deceptive sales practices. The Salt Lake Tribune reports the company paid a $16,000 fine and refunded another $93,000 to customers in 2014 after the state Division of Consumer Protection threatened it with fines of more than $822,000.


Pennsylvania’s New Tax on Vape Shops is Forcing Them Out of Business

[...] The estimated 350 vape shops scatter across Pennsylvania are getting hit hard by the new 40 percent wholesale tax on all vaping equipment and supplies. The real kicker is that the same 40 percent tax applies not only to purchases made after October 1—the day the tax took effect—but also covers all inventory on store shelves on that date.


E-cigarettes linked with higher quitting success rate, [...]

Although e-cigarettes’ increased popularity in England has not coincided with a significant change in overall attempts to quit smoking, their prevalence appears positively associated with the success rate of individual quit attempts, according to data published in BMJ. “There has been concern that the increase in population use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) could be undermining quitting activities,” [...]


Philip Morris invests in cigarette alternative as smoking rates decline

American tobacco giant Philip Morris plans to invest an additional $100 million into innovative alternatives to traditional smoking, according to company CEO Andre Calantzopoulos. A decline in smoking in developed countries has put the tobacco industry under serious pressure. Global cigarettes consumption is annually dropping 2-2.5 percent, according to Philip Morris.


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