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Daily Digest - Thursday, 30 March 2017

Smoking slows recovery from drug abuse

People recovering from illicit drug abuse are more likely to be successful if they don't smoke cigarettes, a new study finds. Most illicit drug users also smoke cigarettes, but many substance abuse programs do not include treatment for nicotine dependence, the study authors said. "The thinking in clinical settings has been that asking patients to quit cigarette smoking [...]


Govt's e-cigarette reform welcomed

The ACT Party is backing the government’s decision to legalise nicotine e-cigarettes, arguing it’s the biggest thing National has done to tackle poverty in a very long time. For the 35.5 percent of Maori families who smoke, switching from tobacco to e-cigarettes could save them hundreds of dollars per week – and help them quit, ACT leader David Seymour says.


24 States Seek To Raise Tobacco Purchase Age

Two dozen U.S. states have introduced some form of legislation this year that seeks to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco to 21 years old. Currently, only Hawaii and California have enacted such laws, but the sheer amount of proposed legislation is an indication that more states could soon follow suit. Of the 24 bills introduced during the 2017 legislative season, [...]


Vaping law praised, criticised

A University of Otago researcher is worried a law change could result in children being attracted to ''vaping''. While some academics praised the announcement, Otago University's Prof Janet Hoek is worried the law change goes too far. Allowing e-cigarettes to be sold in dairies, service stations and supermarkets would make them too freely available.


Penn Medicine Expert Reveals the Dangers of Vaping

aping is a lot safer than cigarettes, right? It involves nicotine, but at least people aren’t infusing their lungs with carcinogen-laced smoke. Plus, vaping seems to help smokers wean themselves off cancer sticks. Not so fast, says Dr. Frank Leone [...] Medical evidence is sorely lacking on the long-term effects of vaping—or e-cigarettes, the term Leone uses so no one forgets what they are.


New 'Tobacco Authority' could ease cigarette restrictions

A bill to set up a tobacco authority of Thailand, approved by the cabinet on Dec 13 last year, contains loopholes that could be exploited by transnational tobacco firms aiming to make products in Thailand through their Thani nominees, according to anti-smoking activists. The bill has touted the benefits of turning the Thailand Tobacco Monopoly from a state enterprise [...]


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