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Daily Digest - Thursday, 24 November 2016

How does Big Tobacco see its future? Guest blog by Jonathan Fell

There is a particular strand of research in the public health sphere that focuses on digging through tobacco industry documents, usually to make the case that the industry’s behaviour is cynical and deliberately and permanently calculated to frustrate legitimate health goals. This work gets published in medical journals but it is really a version of history [...]


You're Not Alone On Your Journey To Quit Smoking

I have been smoke free for 190 days and with each day that passes, I'm still in disbelief. I never thought I would get here; smoking was a big part of my life for 43 years. Everyone around me growing up smoked, including my mother and brother. I was 13 years old when I had my first cigarette. Unfortunately, my mother died within that same year. [...]


Legalized Marijuana Could Drive A New Tech Boom

The revolution to legalize marijuana is marching slowly—but steadily—forward. Half of the states in the United States plus the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana or cannabis for medical use, and more states are legalizing recreational use with each election cycle. In the recent election, California, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine all passed ballot measures to legalize for recreational use.


E-Cigs at Critical Juncture

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)’s deeming regulations on vapor products could shift the $3 billion that e-cigarettes/vape are estimated to generate this year in brick-and-mortar stores to online vendors and black market players. Stakeholders have made the case that it’s important for the FDA to set a new predicate date in the final rule, and that Congress should update the predicate date for newly-deemed products.


Will Regulatory Challenges Hold Back Philip Morris' Reduced-Risk Strategy?

Nearly all of the success that Philip Morris International (NYSE: PM) has reaped over its history as an independent company has come from the traditional cigarette market. The strength of the Marlboro brand worldwide has been a key asset for the tobacco giant, and other cigarette brands have also contributed to its worldwide popularity.


e-cigarettes carry several health risks: expert

There are several health risks associated with e-cigarettes and portraying them as safe is ‘extremely irresponsible and potentially dangerous,’ a Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCM-Q) official has warned. “Studies into the health risks posed by using electronic cigarettes, which are illegal in Qatar, are now beginning to be published,” said Dr Ziyad Mahfoud, associate professor [...]


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